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  • Panchakola.

    March 02, 2021 1 min read


    We enjoy teaching our students more about classical Ayurvedic herbs and formulations. Today we are looking into Panchakola, an Ayurvedic formulation great for improving digestive function.

    Today we had our students find the reference for Panchakola from the Ashtanga Hridayam. You can find this in the Ashtanga Hridayam Sutrasthana Chapter 6: 167.

    Panchakola includes five (called Pancha in Sanskrit) herbs including Pippali, Pippalimula, Cavya, Citraka, Nagara. This formulation is useful in treating abdominal tutors, disease of the spleen, enlargement of the abdomen, distension and colic, and is best to improve hunger and digestion. Further information about the ingredients is below.

    Nagara is another name for dried ginger. The qualities of Nagara help in supporting digestive issues. It helps to relieve constipation, improve digestion and mitigate Kapha and Vata dosha.

    In the Sutrasthana verse prior to this one, Chitraka is described as having the fire to digest foods and assist in treating skin diseases, haemorrhoids and even worms/parasites.

    Pippalimula is the root of pippali. Combining these herbs assists in correcting the Agni, digestive fire especially for those experiencing mandagni, slow and weak digestion. Cavya has qualities similar to black pepper in its digestive promotion.

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