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  • Lord Ganesha in Your Home

    September 23, 2019 1 min read

    Lord Ganesha in Your Home
    Where is the best area to place your Ganesha statue in your home?
    Lord Ganesha the God of joy, happiness and success. He is thought to be the remover of obstacles.

    5 tips for you when placing Lord Ganesha in your home.

    1. The best place is the northeast corner of the house. This corner is also known as the Ishan corner.
    2. It is best to have a Ganesha with the trunk tilted towards the left. If the trunk faces to the right rituals should be adhered to in a precise way.
    3. Only place one idol of Lord Ganesha on your altar. Keeping two or more idols counteract their energy.
    4. Set the statue facing into the room and not towards a window
    5. Avoid placing your Ganesha in a bedroom, bathroom, garage, laundry or directly on the floor.

    Best to offer your Lord Ganesha some Ladoos (he is fond of sweets), Hibiscus flowers, Bananas, Incense before you start your Ganesha Mantra.

    Om Gan Ganapataya Namo Namaha

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