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  • Kandughna Dravyas

    June 04, 2019 2 min read

    Kandughna Dravyas

    The dravyas (substances) that reduce or alleviate Kandu (itch) are called as Kandughna. Kandu is predominantly a kapha disorder, when there is excess kapha the srotas (channel) gets blocked/ obstructed leading to an accumulation of moisture/ kleda which then leads to Kandu (itchiness). Kandu can also be produced by Rakta/ blood and Pitta vitiating.

    Kandughna dravyas process laghu/ light, ushna/hot, ruksha/dry, tikshna/sharp and lekhana/scraping properties.

    Tikta rasa and sheeta virya which counteract the vitiation of kapha, pitta and rakta.
    These properties also cleanse the srotas (bodily channels).

    Nimba/ Neem (Azadirachta indica in latin) is a herb useful in Kandu.

    Synonym for Neem are:
    Pichumarda - that which alleviates the doshas
    Paribhadra - strong tree
    Vara tikta - very tikta/ bitter
    Krimighna - anti parasite
    Its Ayurvedic properties are
    Rasa: tikta/bitter, kashaya/astringent
    Guna: laghu/light, ruksha/dry
    virya: sheeta/cooling
    Vipaka: katu/heating

    1. Best anti microbial herb and blood purifier, useful in a variety of skin disease, diabetes, diabetic wounds and non healing ulcers
    2. Application of the paste of the leaves alleviates the itching and burning sensation of the skin.
    3. The decoction of neem leaves is useful for gargles in dental and oral disease
    4. Used for dhoopana/ fumigation
    5. It is considered auspicious and said to protect from bad spirits (it is called Rakshoghna dravya)
    6. A good medicine for amlapitta (acidity, sour belching) as it dries up the excess drava of pitta due to its tikta/bitter rasa and ruksha/dry guna.
    7. Stanyasodhaka - purifies breast milk
    8. Raktapittaghna - stops bleeding disorder
    9. Neem oil is useful to treat head lice
    10. Useful in treating obesity
    11. Useful in treating fever, Boil 20 gm of Nimba skin, mashed, add 500 ml of water, boil and reduce to 1/8th. Give with honey to alleviate fever

    Dried Neem leaves can be added when storing grains to keep them pest free - How amazing is this. We offer a variety of neem based products in the Lakshmi Ayurveda shop. The link to our shop is in our bio. You are welcome to email with any questions