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  • Inner Light Meditation by Maya Tiwari

    March 09, 2019 1 min read

    A beautiful meditation practice - “Inner light Meditation” by Maya Tiwari

    This is a meditation that proves to be immediately helpful in cultivating awareness through the simple art of pause, allowing the mind, emotions, and uncertainty to settle. 
    This will help in creating clarity that comes naturally from the mind that’s is posed in ease while processing turbulence of thoughts, emotions, guilt fear ....

    How to practice inner light meditation

    1. Set up a candle or ghee lamp on your altar or on a low table
    2. Sit comfortable in front of the flame preferably on the ground
    3. Follow the flickering flame with your eyes. Let your mind merge into the flame
    4. Vision the outer light as your inner light. See the light permeating your heart chakra
    5. Empty the mind of thoughts, empty the heart of hurt, despair, anxiety and loneliness
    6. Ask the flame to inherit all negative emotions
    7. Close your eyes softly, envision the flame in the space of your third eye
    8. Keep the following avowal in the background of your mind

    I am love, I am light, I am awareness
    Everything I see reveals this love
    Everything I touch reveals this light
    Everything i think reveals this awareness

    9. Sit in your serenity and let this confirmation float lightly in the mind

    Peace be your journey !

    We wish you a beautiful day and we see you tomorrow for Yoga with Nari at 7.30am.

    With Love
    Your Lakshmi Ayurveda team
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