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  • Ayurveda for Dogs

    April 19, 2019 2 min read

    Ayurveda for your Dog

    Did you know that Ayurveda can be used for animals?

    Many of us grow up with an animal that holds a special place in our heart. Often times it is a dog – truly “Man’s best friend.” Just as we care about the health of our children, we want to ensure our dogs are happy and healthy. Just as diet and lifestyle are important to remain balanced in our lives, we suggest you try to follow a basic eating and exercising routine for your dog.

    As you have learned through Ayurveda, humans are made up of the different elements, so too are animals unique in their unique constitution. Generally, Vata dogs will have high amounts of energy. They often have a tall frame, are thin in nature, and quick. Greyhounds would be a good example. Pitta dogs are the ones you want to guard your home. They can be extremely territorial, such as a Rottweiler. Kapha dogs are those that are sweet in nature, relaxed and love food, such as a St. Bernard.

    There are numerous Ayurvedic recommendations and remedies that can be used to improve the health of your dog.

    Use Neem oil for itchy ears. Neem can also be used to treat skin conditions, kill ticks and lice.

    Amalaki for general wellness and vitamin C consumption.

    Use Ashwagandha for hyperactive dogs.

    Turmeric can be used externally to heal a wound.

    Liquorice is great for treating dogs facing colds or bronchitis.

    Ginger for digestive disorders.

    We suggest you speak with both an Ayurvedic practitioner and your veterinarian to decide specific amounts of herbs recommended based on your dog’s weight and breed. At Lakshmi Ayurveda we have a dog patient who regularly comes in for Neem, Amalaki and Guduchi. You are welcome to email call 0406 810 547 for more information – you can even book your pet in for its own consultation!