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  • Autumn Season and Ayurvedic Tips

    April 19, 2019 1 min read

    Autumn Season and Ayurvedic Tips
    Autumn has arrived the leaves on the trees change colour and are starting to fall......we have some tips for you on how to stay healthy in autumn.

    The qualities of Autumn are dry, rough, windy, cool, and subtle. Due to the similar qualities, Autumn is considered the Vata season; therefore we need to balance the Vata qualities of cool, lightness and drying with warmth, nourishment, oil and stability. Stability and routine are particularly important for treating individuals experiencing a Vata imbalance. Therefore, we recommend setting a seasonal routine based on these general guidelines.

    Autumn Tips
    ❖ Try and establish a daily routine of waking up, exercising, eating meals and going to bed at a consistent time. Calm the nervous system, which can be aggravated through a vata imbalance.
    ❖ Daily oil massage with black seed sesame oil.
    ❖ Try to aim for 10 minutes of silence meditation in the morning.
    ❖ Gentle and grounding yoga will help to keep the body from getting too cold and stiff.

    Foods to Favor 
    ❖ Cooked apples or pears
    ❖ Banana
    ❖ Oranges
    ❖ Beets
    ❖ Pumpkin
    ❖ Sweet Potato ❖ Oats
    ❖ Basmati Rice ❖ Quinoa
    ❖ Mung Beans
    ❖ Most seeds and nuts
    ❖ Cinnamon ❖ Cardamom ❖ Ginger

    Favour foods that are nourishing, grounding and substantive. Use warming spices, serve food warm or hot which will keep your agni strong. Favour sweet, sour, and salty tastes. Use plenty of oil and ghee.

    Favour cooked vegetables over raw or cold. Minimise foods with Vata qualities of lightness and cooling, such as broccoli, cauliflower, popcorn, dried fruit, and crackers.

    Herbs for Vata Season

    We wish you a beautiful Autumn day.
    Your Lakshmi Team xx