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  • 8 Factors Affecting Food - Ayurvedic Wisdom for Mindful Eating.

    April 06, 2022 2 min read

    8 Factors Affecting Food - Ayurvedic Wisdom for Mindful Eating.
    If the factors mentioned below are taken into consideration, these will prevent the formation of AMA, digestive toxins, in the body.

      1. Prakriti - nature of the food. Look at the qualities of the food, is it heavy, light, heating, cooling etc. And do these qualities agree with your bodily needs? For instance, someone with a Pitta imbalance would not want to consume too many food with natural qualities of heating tendencies.

      1. Karan - method of cooking, storing and preserving the food. For instance, the importance of soaking legumes before consumption.

      1. Samyoga - combination. Check out our article from a few weeks ago regarding improper food combinations.

      1. Rasi - quantity. Even the most healthy foods can be poison if not consumed in the correct amount based on an individuals health and digestive capacy.

      1. Desa - place. Foods originating from you natural habitat tend to be best for you 

      1. Kala - time. Eating meals at similar times throughout the day ⏰

      1. Upayogasanstha - how to consume food. For example, refraining from consuming food before your previous meal has been digested.

      1. Upayokta - action of the food depends on the physical and psychological state of an individual. For example, drinking coffee ☕️ when already feeling stressed. Eating according to your Prakriti and your vikruti.

    The classical reference for this can be found in the Charaka Samhita, Vimanasthana 1:21-22.

    If you consider yourself healthy but are experiencing digestive complaints, which of the factors mentioned above could be the cause of your discomfort? 

    If you would like to speak with one of our practitioners about your diet you are welcome to book in for a consultation via the link in our bio.

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