The Unique Approach to Weight Loss in Ayurveda

Sustainable weight loss is not only about addressing imbalances in our bodies, but also about looking at our relationship to food. By implementing a daily routine, learning the importance of enjoying food and cooking simple recipes, we come to understand that Ayurveda is not a diet – it is a way of life, a change of living.

At Lakshmi Ayurveda, your weight loss will be supported through a holistic approach of guidance related to food, lifestyle, emotional healing, self-love, herbs and body treatments. The approach is suitable for those struggling with binge eating and other emotional eating patterns, or anyone wishing to lose excess weight.

Our goal is to provide support healthy weight loss in a nurturing, healthy and healing way. Treatment renders best results when completed in at least two weeks. To start your Ayurvedic journey, see the steps to your weight loss program in the information provided below or book your initial consultation.