Do you suffer from poor concentration, a busy mind and weak eyes? 🤯🧠👁

Try Trataka a gazing meditation 🧘🏻‍♀️

Trataka is a Sanskrit word which means “to look” or “ to gaze”.

For the purification of the mind, the thoughts and the senses this practice can be very helpful.

It is a meditation technique which focuses on a single point/ object. The object can be a candle 🔥 flame, picture of ones deity or guru, a flower 🌻, a 🍈 fruit or a leaf or a black dot on a white paper.

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Have you heard of Chair Yoga?

Join qualified Yoga Therapist and Physiotherapist Christiane Purcell for Chair Yoga at Lakshmi Ayurveda.

This will be a gentle Yoga class suitable for all ages and levels of ability. Classical Yoga focuses on the power of the breath to heal the body and mind using very simple movements performed with the breath

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Join us on Saturday for our community Yoga class at 7.30am with Talu in our beautiful Yoga garden.


This posture has a balancing effect on the three doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) and is beneficial to

+ maintain the flexibility of the spinal column
+supplies fresh blood to the brain which is beneficial for the memory and eyesight
+ for the endocrine glands and the thyroid
+massage lungs, heart and abdomen
+clears Kapha aggravation, reduces body weight, stabilises emotions

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Part One – 3 day course
26th to 28th of August in Perth
for more information please see the attached brochure or contact Karin

“It is every human being’s birthright to live
in a disease free body and a stress free mind.
Yet, neither at school nor at home have we been
taught how to deal with our negative emotions.”
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

During the workshop you will learn about the Sudarshan Kriya a unique breathing technique, yoga, relaxation and meditation. At the end of the course you will be equipped to practice at home

There will also be a talk about a wholesome Ayurvedic diet which is presented by Lakshmi Ayurveda on Sunday 28th of August at 2.30pm.

Sudarshan Kriya is one of the most comprehensive breathing techniques derived from the yogic science of breath and taught by the Art of Living Foundation. It is traditionally understood to use specific rhythms of get klonopin online the breath to eliminate stress, support the various organs and systems within the body, transform overpowering emotions and restore peace of mind. According to the yogic science of breath, impurities which accumulate in the cells
cause sluggishness and promote disease. The Sudarshan Kriya oxygenates the cells and rapidly flushes out impurities. Physically, the cells are vitalised; emotionally one feels a sense of balance and contentment.