Have you heard of Valuka Sveda?

Another classical Ayurvedic treatment we are happy to offer at Lakshmi Ayurveda This is a type of Ruksha (drying) pinda Sveda treatment done over the whole body or locally to a specific area. Valuka is a Sanskrit word for sand and…

Barley (Yava) in Ayurveda

Do you use Barley (Hordeum vulgare) in your diet? 🌿 Barley is grown in Western Australia (support the local Barley industry). Barley is called Yava in Ayurveda 📖 If you suffer from Diabetes or excess weight then barley might be…

The Srotas

The Ayurvedic concept of Srotas the bodily channels. The internal transport system of our body fluids. The Sanskrit word is derived from the root ‘su sravane’ meaning to exude, to ooze, to filter to permeate. Srotas can be sthula (gross,…