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How to properly consume milk.

Milk is called क्षीर Kshira in Sanskrit.  Ayurveda speaks about the many benefits of consuming cows milk. However, it also gives clear guidelines as to how it should be consumed. milk should be boiled before consuming, uncooked…
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Emotional Balance Tea

Preparing a batch of our Emotional Balancing tea today 🌹 Made with rose, jasmine, lavender and turmeric, this fragrant blend is a beautiful experience for the senses ♥️ Jasmine is known as Nandyavarta in Sanskrit 🙏🏼 These…

The element of Ether: Sanskrit – आकाश Akash.

What sounds music and conversation are you taking in? Ayurveda speaks about Akash, or the Ether element, being directly related to sound As Ether is the most subtle element, we can experience the immediate impact that sound has on our being. Sound…