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The Wonderful Benefits of Rose

Rose plays a starring role in Ayurvedic beauty care. The smell and use of rose is very healing. Smell is one of the 5 senses, the smell of aromatherapy oil, herbs and flowers all promote healing in our body. Smelling rosewater is an instant…
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Ayurvedic Toothpowder

Today we have prepared a fresh batch of homemade toothpowder Ayurveda recommends using herbs with a bitter and astringent taste for oral hygiene, as they are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal in nature. Our toothpowder contains…

Asafoetida or Hing Powder

Hing or Hingu is a calming herb and useful in bloating, distension and digestive disorder having carminative properties. The word Hingu is a Sanskrit synonym meaning – effective in thousand ways. The English word for Hing is Asafoetida. The…