Organic Hair Pack

Back in stock ✨ Our homemade organic Ayurvedic hair pack is made with herbs intended to improve the shine and colour of your hair, stimulate growth, cleanse and nourish the scalp, provide moisture and relieve dandruff. A few of the herbs…
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Ayurvedic Toothpowder

Today we have prepared a fresh batch of homemade toothpowder Ayurveda recommends using herbs with a bitter and astringent taste for oral hygiene, as they are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal in nature. Our toothpowder contains…

Asafoetida or Hing Powder

Hing or Hingu is a calming herb and useful in bloating, distension and digestive disorder having carminative properties. The word Hingu is a Sanskrit synonym meaning – effective in thousand ways. The English word for Hing is Asafoetida. The…