Enjoy the benefits of Organic Curry Leaves!

There are multiple benefits to using Curry Leaves. They have anti-inflammatory properties, improve digestive function, protect the liver, are high in antioxidants, and anti-diabetic. They work to level blood sugar in the body and assist in reducing increased lipids, acting as a weight regulator.

Curry leaves are particularly useful in treating irritable bowel syndrome. A great remedy or IBS

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Have you heard of ARKA (Calotropis porcera)?

This shrub is widely found throughout Western Australia. It is declared as a pest in Western Australia see

Calotropis grows in warm areas, desert, wasteland and sandy soil.

Charaka opined that a deadly poison can become a very good medicine if it is administered properly on the other hand even the most useful/ safe medicine can act like a poison if handled incorrectly.

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