Do you suffer from asthma, cough, cold, indigestion or feeling run down then this Ginger Jam might be very beneficial for you.

We love 💕 making our own Ayurvedic preparations 🌿at Lakshmi Ayurveda.

Today we are preparing Guda Ardrakam, another wonderful addition to our Ayurvedic Pharmacy.

Jaggery is dissolved in fresh ginger juice and boiled until it reaches a syrup consistency, then ghee is added followed by the following churnas/ powders.

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Homemade 100% organic Triphala Guggulu without preservatives 😊🌿🍃🌱😊

We are busy in Lakshmi’s kitchen today,👨‍🍳preparing Triphala guggulu. 🌿🌿💛
Triphala guggulu is a classical Ayurvedic Medicine preparation. The reference is found in the Sarangadhar Samhita M. K. 7,82-83

Triphala guggulu is effective in:
🌿anal fistula
🌿weight loss treatment
🌿high cholesterol
🌿anti inflammatory

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Cleansing of the senses is a part of an Ayurvedic routine. A ritual for cleaning the eyes , ears, nose, skin and tongue are mentioned in the Daily Ayurvedic Routine (Dinacharya). To learn more about the Dinacharya we recommend our Lakshmi team Ebook.…/lakshmi-team-ebook/

According to Ayurveda the five elements (earth, water, fire, wind, ether) manifest in the functioning of the five senses.

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