Have you thought of starting your day with a Pranayama practice?

Pranayama – regulation of the life force. Pranayama is the conscious prolongation of inhalation’s, exhalations and retentions. It is a technique that purifies, energises, calms, relaxes and heals the body and mind.

Pranayama corrects the nasal cycle (one side of the nose is more active than the other).
It would be advised to see your Ayurveda practitioner or Yoga therapist to learn this practice. 
The best time to practice is Brahmamuhurt. This is the early hours of each day before sunrise. This time of the day is considered very auspicious, the natural elements are in their purest form and divine vibrations are freely projected in the atmosphere.

Below some guidance about Nadi shodhan, the alternate nostril breathing which has a balancing influence on your Vata dosha.

• Assists in relieving anxiety and fear
• Helps to relieve dry skin
• Great for circulatory and respiratory problems  Read more