Juice and Ayurveda

Today I am preparing an afternoon juice with organic mulberries. Mullberies are great for pacifying both Pitta and Vata Doshas - perfect as the summer temperatures start to hit us here in Perth. You may notice that you are starting to crave…

Mulberry Cake

It’s mulberry season here in Perth and we are here to share one of our favourite recipes again - Mulberry cake! From an Ayurvedic perspective mulberries are sweet, sour and astringent - making them best for both Vata and Pitta. Mulberries…

Mulberry Cake Recipe

Hmmh what to do with Mulberries? Lily and Elva voted for a cake. Some advice, please give your children an apron if you have some little helpers in the kitchen. It could get messy 🙂 Let’s get started Pick 3 cups of Mulberries,…