Ishtika Sveda Treatment

What are we up to at Lakshmi Ayurveda today? We have been preparing for a specialised Ayurvedic treatment called Ishtika Sveda Treatment - Isthtika is a Sanskrit word for brick 🧱and sveda is a sudation/ sweat inducing treatment. Ayurveda…

Foot Care

Preparing a footbath with roses for one of our treatments today Our feet provide us with roots to the earth a sense of stability and our connection to the physical. We often ignore the health of our feet, neglecting to provide them with…
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Padabhyanga Foot Massage

Try a Padabhyanga (foot massage )before you go to bed tonight. As the snake 🐍 doesn’t approach the 🦅 eagle, so disease doesn’t affect the person who massages his feet before sleeping. Massaging your feet before bedtime promotes…