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Ayurveda and Oil Pulling – Kavala and Gandusha

One of our topics at Lakshmi Ayurveda’s online chat and chai was oil pulling. What does Ayurveda say? ☕️ In Ayurveda there are two methods mentioned. 1. Kavala/ gargling, swishing the liquid in the mouth (pulls out toxins) 2.…

How to use Black Seed Sesame Oil

One of our most popular items, Black Seed Sesame oil, is back in stock in the online shop! This oil is one of the most commonly known products in Ayurveda due to its wide range of uses. Explore the many ways Black Seed Sesame Oil can be…

Ear Health

Cleansing of the senses is a part of an Ayurvedic routine. A ritual for cleaning the eyes , ears, nose, skin and tongue are mentioned in the Daily Ayurvedic Routine (Dinacharya). To learn more about the Dinacharya we recommend our Lakshmi team…