Almonds and Ayurveda

Earlier this week we posted about Green almonds. To refresh your memory, green almonds are the immature fruits of the sweet almond tree harvested while still soft before the outer shell hardens and the inner kernel fully develops. Check out…

Lakshmi Ghee Back in Stock🌷

A beautiful morning spent preparing a new batch of our homemade ghee ☀️ Made with love 💗 Use a bit for your cooking 🧑🏻‍🍳 Use a bit for your skin, eye lids, nostrils, etc. Oh the many magical benefits of ghee! Available…
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Rainy 🌧 weather remedies.

Yesterday we posted about Jala, the water element. This week we have been experiencing Jala through rainfall ☔️ How would Ayurveda look at balancing the impact the the rain would have on our bodies? Qualities of Jala include heaviness,…

August Newsletter

August 2021 Newsletter - Features new recipes, workshop information, blog articles, the Lakshmi product of the month, YouTube videos and more!

Ayurveda Blog

What a wonderful surprise! Today we received a call from a very senior and respected Ayurvedic physician, congratulating us for being number 19 in the top 80 Ayurveda blogs worldwide. This was…
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Ayurvedic Treatment with Ksheerabala Oil

So many wonderful benefits and uses for our classical in house prepared Ksheerabala oil. Our homemade Ksheerabala oil can be used as a Nasya nasal oil, abhyanga massage oil, basti oil for enema treatment and for the unique Ayurvedic…