Legumes and digestion.

From an Ayurvedic perspective, legumes are essential for a healthy lifestyle and diet. Rich in protein, complex carbs, and nutrients, they are a staple in an Ayurvedic diet. Which legumes are easiest to digest? Always choose organic…

E-Cookbook to be Launched Soon!

Most Sundays I spend several hours in the kitchen cooking, baking and preparing classical Ayurvedic formulations. Today we have fine tuned a few more recipes ready to be added to our new cookbook which we will be launching soon. To pre…
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Mint Lemonade Recipe

Today is the 5th day of temperatures above 40C. ☀️ ☀️☀️ Definitely time to look at more options to cool and hydrate.  ❄️  Have you got mint and lemon in your garden? 🍋 🌿 Our favourite Mint lemonade - this will…

Lakshmi Ghee Back in Stock🌷

A beautiful morning spent preparing a new batch of our homemade ghee ☀️ Made with love 💗 Use a bit for your cooking 🧑🏻‍🍳 Use a bit for your skin, eye lids, nostrils, etc. Oh the many magical benefits of ghee! Available…
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Emotional Balance Tea

Preparing a batch of our Emotional Balancing tea today 🌹 Made with rose, jasmine, lavender and turmeric, this fragrant blend is a beautiful experience for the senses ♥️ Jasmine is known as Nandyavarta in Sanskrit 🙏🏼 These…

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