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Triphala Eye Wash Treatment

Today we are preparing the mixture for our Triphala eye wash! As you read in our recent article, there are a multitude of benefits to using Triphala powder. The herbal blend of haritaki, bibhitaki and amalaki assists in gently cleaning and…

The Benefits of Shilajit

A powerful Rejuvenation (Rasayana) - The destroyer of weakness Have you heard of Shilajt (Shilajatu, Shilajeet) before. Shilajjt literally means “destroyer of weakness” and is the natural exudate from the rocks in the Himalayas.…
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Podi Kizhi Treatment

Have you heard of this pain relieving massage before? It is called Podi Kizhi or Churna Sveda and is “the best treatment” to provide relief from pain, inflammation, swelling and stiffness. Indications: Arthritis Anti degenerative spondylosis Pain…
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Amalaki Rasayana Preparation

This is one of the most powerful Anti ageing formulas. My meditation is when I am in the kitchen preparing classical Ayurvedic herbal formulations. Today I am making some Amalaki Rasayan for you. It brought back memories being…
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Nayopayam Lehyam

Are you suffering from bronchial asthma, wheezing, a respiratory ailment, hiccups, indigestion, chest congestion or gas troubles? If yes this formulation might be very beneficial for you. Homemade in Lakshmi’s Kitchen A classical…

Ginger Jam Preparation

Have you tried our Ginger Jam to treat your cold or indigestion? Medicinal and delicious Made with love at Lakshmi Ayurveda.