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A healthy winter with Ayurveda

In comparison to the European winter Australia has mild temperatures but it also does get cold and damp especially in the evenings and mornings. Because of the Ayurvedic rule that  'like attracts like' in the winter season Kapha and Vata…

The Art of Living – a transformational workshop

AoLBrochure Part One - 3 day course 26th to 28th of August in Perth for more information please see the attached brochure or contact Karin “It is every human being's birthright to live in a disease free…

Pathya Ahara/ wholesome diet conducive to health

Food equals Life - The body is the product of food And he knew that food was Brahman From food all beings are born by food they live and into food they return Upanishad 3.2 Ahara/ Food has been worshipped since ancient times as the…