Have you heard of ARKA (Calotropis porcera)?

This shrub is widely found throughout Western Australia. It is declared as a pest in Western Australia see

Calotropis grows in warm areas, desert, wasteland and sandy soil.

Charaka opined that a deadly poison can become a very good medicine if it is administered properly on the other hand even the most useful/ safe medicine can act like a poison if handled incorrectly.

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Changing of the Seasons – Welcome Autumn!

As the season of Autumn settles upon us, the qualities of Vata dryness and roughness, cold, subtlety and mobility increase. Therefore, we need to incorporate more nourishing, warming, stable, and routine activities in our lives.

Routine is particularly important for balancing the doshas, especially individuals with more Vata in their constitution or those experiencing a Vata imbalance. We advise following these guidelines:

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