Regular head massage 💆🏻‍♀️ with Ayurvedic oils helps to encourage relaxation and sound sleep, hair growth and healthy colour. Below is a brief introduction to a few of our favourite hair oils available in the shop!

Bhringaraja Thailam

A few of the key ingredients include the herbs 🌿 bhringaraj and amalaki. Particularly useful in cooling the head, calming the mind, 🤯encouraging a healthy, dandruff free scalp and preventing premature greying.

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Did you know that there are health benefits to donating blood? According to the Red Cross, one donation can save up to three lives. Not only are you supporting others, but as a donor you will also experience the benefits!

First of all, it should be noted that donating blood is not suitable for everyone. Thankfully, the blood services have strict protocols developed to keep both the donor and receiver safe. Your haemoglobin levels, blood pressure, medical history, and weight will be checked to ensure that you, the donor, are physically capable of donating blood. The blood is screened to make sure there are not blood-transmittable diseases that could be passed onto the receiver.

In Ayurveda there is a treatment process called Raktamokshana – please note,

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Do you suffer from poor concentration, a busy mind and weak eyes? 🤯🧠👁

Try Trataka a gazing meditation 🧘🏻‍♀️

Trataka is a Sanskrit word which means “to look” or “ to gaze”.

For the purification of the mind, the thoughts and the senses this practice can be very helpful.

It is a meditation technique which focuses on a single point/ object. The object can be a candle 🔥 flame, picture of ones deity or guru, a flower 🌻, a 🍈 fruit or a leaf or a black dot on a white paper.

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We have extended our treatment hours at Lakshmi Ayurveda!

Appointments available on Sundays and after 3pm on the weekdays to better suit your schedule.

You are welcome to call/text us at 0406 810 547 for further inquiry. We hope you have a great day!


Buckwheat, also known as Kasha, is a seed that is becoming increasingly popular due to its gluten free qualities and nutritional benefits 🌞 They are high in protein, magnesium, manganese, essential amino acid and fibre. So delicious too! Similar to Quinoa and Amaranth, buckwheat is a pseudocereal, meaning it is a non-grass cereal.

Ayurvedic Qualities
Buckwheat is particularly beneficial for Kapha dosha, as it has qualities of drying and heating 🔥 which balance the cold and wet 💧 qualities of Kapha. The diuretic qualities help to remove excess water in the body. Great for those who may feel a bit of water retention, congestion and sluggishness with the onset of Spring!

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Not only delicious but so beneficial.

Honey 🍯 and cinnamon a powerful combination. Most likely you have those two items in your house.

Try this simple combination it has so many great health benefits.

5 amazing benefits

Honey and cinnamon can help with

1. Rhinitis and allergies (wonderful to take this time of the year)
2. Boosts the immune system
3. Anti fungal properties
4. Promotes heart health and helps to reduce cholesterol
5. If you drink the mixture with warm water it can help assisting in weight loss and arthritic pains, 1 tsp of honey and 1/2 tsp of cinnamon powder.

Externally the paste made of honey and cinnamon is used to treat insect bites, wounds and inflammation. Cinnamon has anti inflammatory action while honey is antiseptic.

We wish you a beautiful Sunday and enjoy some honey 🍯 with cinnamon.

With love your Lakshmi team