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With a change of season approaching, October/November/ December is a wonderful time for Panchakarma/ Detox treatments (an initial consultation is needed prior undergoing this treatment).

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I look very much forward to seeing you on my return,

Warmly Karin

My Experiences of Ayurveda

After experiencing the benefits of Ayurvedic massage treatments whilst on holidays in India, it has been an enormous blessing to discover Karin. Her extensive knowledge, experience and very loving nature make her a highly credible practitioner.

The principles of Ayurveda make very good sense to me as I seek to improve my health and live a more balanced lifestyle. The health benefits I have gained in a very short time through the massage treatments, herbs and diet have been amazing!

Recently I travelled to the city for two weeks of the Panchakarma treatment. The only way I can try to explain the outcome of this amazing experience is by the responses of my family, friends and colleagues upon my return home. I’ve had the most lovely and flattering comments about how great I look to how much I’m glowing and how my skin and hair look amazing! Of course I feel so ‘clean’ and so well, and now I’m very conscious of maintaining this incredible wellness by being more vigilant in practising the basic Ayurvedic principles especially the diet to balance my  doshas.

Thank you Karin …for your very caring and professional approach and especially for maintaining the authenticity and integrity of Ayurveda – a very important and powerful ancient health system.

Susan, Geraldton


Lakshmi Ayurveda Workshop & Yoga

According to Ayurveda and the Yogic science harmony is our natural state. Yet to maintain this condition we must know our nature and live according to its rhythm .

In Ayurveda this regime is called Swasthavrittam. Swasthavritta teaches us:

  1. Daily regime (Dinacharya)
  2. Seasonal regime (Ritucharya)
  3. Precautionary measures against untimely ageing.
  4. General rules of conduct for the wellbeing of the society.
  5. Practice of Yoga, Yogic body cleansing, Pranayama and Asanas

This workshop will cover the above topics and will provide you with the tools to follow your daily and seasonal regime at home.

You will learn about the importance of tongue cleaning, neti, eye bath, nasya, abhyanga/ oil massage,  and many more wonderful body and mind rejuvenating ancient practices.

We love to share this knowledge as this a key for good health and happiness and disease prevention.

For enquiry please contact Karin or Christiane or

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Ayurveda and Yoga Workshop

Lakshmi Ayurveda

Enjoy a Patra Pinda Sveda treatment at Lakshmi Ayurveda. Great for Neuro muscular disorders and rheumatological conditions.

Looking forward to welcoming you here,
Warmly Karin PatraPinda


Lakshmi Ayurveda

The Pearl is a moon stone and is considered to help overcome obstacles  in life due to planet moon. The pearl which shines like a star, smooth and clear, light in weight, pleasing, round, and looks like clear water is considered the best. It is said that the goddess Lakshmi will give the person blessings who is wearing them and they enjoy good fortune. According to rasa paddhati there are three types of lustre in the pearls:

  1. madhucchaya – like honey
  2. sitachaya – like sita/ sugar
  3. srikhandachaya – like butter/ cream

The pearl lustre of srikhandachaya (butter/cream) is considered to be of superior quality.

Pearls are used to prepare classical Ayurvedic formulations called bhasma and pishti. Being alkaline in nature it is used in hyperacidic conditions of the stomach. Its chemical compostion is CaCo3 (Calcium Carbonate) so it is a good natural source of Calcium.

Pearl necklaces are good to wear in summer month. They are useful in hormonal imbalance, headaches, migraine, loss of concentration and memory,  insomnia, uterine disorders, infertiliy, heart disesase (Hridroga), eye disease, depression,  and help to deal with stress.

Its Ayurvedic pharmacological and therapeutic properties are

  • Rasa (tase) – madhura/ sweet
  • Guna (qualities)- sita/ cold, laghu/light, mrdu/ soft
  • Virya (potency)- sita/ cold
  • Dosha: Pittahara/ pacifies aggravated pitta dosha

Beautiful freshwater pearls are now available –  hand made jewellery from Europe and Australia.

A wonderful gift idea for Christmas.



Lakshmi Ayurveda

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