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Ashwagandha lehyam

Our most popular Ashwagandha lehyam is back in stock made with Love, good intention and blessings of Lord Ganesha. Does your body feel weak, stressed and fatigued? This classical Ayurvedic formulation might be very beneficial for…

A golden jar of ghee goodness!

Tomorrow is our full moon ghee-making day! We have a waiting list for the new batch of ghee - If you would like us to save you a jar send us a message and we will put one aside for you. From an Ayurvedic perspective, ghee pacifies…

Benefits of Ghee

A golden jar. Ghee is cow’s butter from which the water and milk solids have been removed it can be used for frying herbs, sautéing vegetables, cooking and baking. Ghee is oilier than butter and very health promoting; it has a long shelf…