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Ojas Drink Recipe

We are in the Lakshmi kitchen preparing one of the recipes from our EBook 📚 our favourite Ojas drink. The recipe is below 😊 A perfect warm drink to sip as the weather starts to cool down 🍁 🧣 So comforting and nourishing! Ingredients. 10…

Digesting Almonds

Did you know that the brown skins of almonds are a little difficult to digest? For this reason it is better to blanch them. A simple fix of just 60 seconds in boiling water then drained and rinsed in cold water - the skins will slip right off! For…


Let’s talk about Ojas, the vital nectar of life. Ojas Vijnanam - The specialised knowledge of the bodily essence called Ojas. Sthula bhagah shukram snehabhagah sukshma tejabhutam ojah |Su Su 14 Ojas is the essence of the saptadhatus…