Lakshmi Retreat

We are happy to now offer retreat and Panchakarma accommodation at the 55 Healy Road location in Hamilton Hill, Western Australia.

Whether you live interstate, locally, or down south, our beautiful space is available for rent. While staying at the clinic, you have the opportunity to undergo in-house Panchakarma treatment. For those desiring time away to relax in the peaceful Lakshmi Garden, use our yoga room for a personal retreat, and undergo treatment on location, our room is available for you.

Optimal Location

While staying at the clinic you will be just a 10-15 minute walk from South Beach. There are multiple grocery stores nearby within walking distance and a short drive. The Sivananda Yoga Centre and Ashram is nearby, which offers music events, philosophy classes and yoga classes.

Booking Options

  1. Reserve using
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  3. Book with us directly by emailing

Please email us at with your dates and any treatment inquiries you may have. Please note that we can not guarantee that your dates would be available, as we often book a few months in advance.

Lakshmi Ayurveda

55 Healy Road

Hamilton Hill, Western Australia 6163