According to Ayurveda good health is dependent upon our capability to fully digest food. When the digestive capacity known as agni is balanced we create healthy tissues (dhatus), eliminate waste products (kitta) and produce a subtle essence called Ojas.
If the agni is weakened there will be an accumulation of toxic residue which is known as Ama.
Ama is considered the be the root cause of most disease.
Do you think you might have Ama after the winter? Symptoms of Ama are fatigue, heaviness, no enthusiasm, indigestion, constipation, loss of taste and appetite, tongue coating, headaches, brain fog/ poor concentration, joint pain, muscle ache and skin problems. By removing Ama from the body and mind we bring a higher state of being to our lives.
Try a simple home detox
1. For a minimum of 1 week eat light food – Kitchari is ideal. Avoid Ama producing food such as ice cream, yoghurt and curds.
2. Drink hot water with fresh ginger, cumin, fennel seeds and black pepper
3. Avoid Caffeine and alcohol
5. Take ayurvedic herbal remedies such as Trikatu and Triphala after each meal
6. If you are prone to constipation take a teaspoon of castor oil with a pinch of dry ginger in a glass of hot water at night
7. Yoga and meditation are ideal to detox the mind as well as the body

You will notice changes once the Ama is digested such as the feeling of lightness, enthusiasm and the senses are more alert and active

Health is the condition of wisdom and the signs of happiness
Charaka Samhita

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Massage is the first friend which serves the human organism from the time of birth. In India it is a tradition to massage the body from one’s very first day. The word Abhyanga is literally derived from the Sanskrit root -abhyani (abhi + anj), that means to anoint or smear.
Out of all sense the sense organ of touch is the most pervasive and it has in inseparable association with the mind. Hence the effect of massage is not only for controlling Vata dosha but it has its effect on the mind also. The Vata dosha is located in sparshnendriya (sense organ of touch), and this is located in the skin.
Massage has an overall effect on the immune system of the body and helps to maintain optimum health. If done regularly, massages helps to regulate body functions physically, mentally and spiritually.
Examples of oils used for Abhyanga are Ksheerabala taila, Vata/Pitta/Kapha taila and Mahanarayan taila.
The oils are carefully chosen after a consultation prior to the treatment.

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