Try a Padabhyanga (foot massage )before you go to bed tonight.

As the snake 🐍 doesn’t approach the 🦅 eagle, so disease doesn’t affect the person who massages his feet before sleeping.

Massaging your feet before bedtime promotes a tranquil sleep. 😴😴😴

Padabhyanga with tila thailam (sesame oil)or ghrta (ghee) calms the Vata Dosha and has a strengthening effect on Chakshurindriya (sense of sight).

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Let’s talk about Ojas, the vital nectar of life.

Ojas Vijnanam – The specialised knowledge of the bodily essence called Ojas.

Sthula bhagah shukram snehabhagah sukshma tejabhutam ojah |Su Su 14

Ojas is the essence of the saptadhatus the seven bodily tissues Su Su 22:19.

(Please see our recent articles posted on our blog on to read more about saptadhatus, the seven bodily tissues)

Ojas is responsible for consciousness, purity in thoughts, health, positivity, immunity, longevity, intelligence and memory.

Ojas is one of the most important elements to maintain and sustain life.

Synonyms for Ojas are: Bala, Kapha, Prana

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We talked about the creeper Mandukaparni/ Gotu kola a few days back, lets look at Brahmi/ bacopa monnieri today 🙂

The Sanskrit word Brahmi is derived from ‘brahma’ the creator of the universe.

Mandukaparni/ Centella asiatica is different from Brahmi. It can be confusing as in some parts of India the name Brahmi applies to Mandukaparni.
Bacopa monieri is considered as the true Brahmi.

Ayurvedic properties are:
Rasa: tikta and kashaya
Guna: laghu (light) and sara(laxative)
Virya: sheeta
Vipaka: madhura
Prabhava/ special potency: alleviates apasmara/ epilepsy and unmada/ hysteria
Dosha: Tridosha mainly Kaphapittahara, can increase Vata in excess

It’s Ayurvedic actions are:

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🌿🌿All about Mandukaparni/ Gotu kola/ Centella asiatica🌿🌿

Do you know anyone suffering from dementia, alzheimers, depression, stress or anxiety? If yes, this plant might be very beneficial (best used after consulting your Ayurvedic practitioner and self prescription is not advised).

This herb gets often confused with Brahmi (bacopa monnieri). Its synonyms are brahmi, brahma, manduki and sarasvati.

Brahmi and Mandukaparni are different plants!

Today we are looking at the creeper called Mandukaparni. the Sanskrit name Mandukaparni refers to the leaves which resemble the webbed feet of a frog. The leaf looks like the cerebellum and is one of the ‘doctrine of signatures’ as Gotu kola is traditionally renowned for its intellect promoting properties.

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As we approach Easter….

We hope you each have a beautiful holiday with your friends and family. From a Christian perspective, Easter is celebrated as the resurrection of Jesus – which can be symbolised with a sense of rebirth, rejuvenation, and renewal. The energy of the holiday provides followers of the faith with a new spring-like energy, one of abundance and beauty.

Just as Easter provides abundant rebirthing energy, the Indian Hindu religion uses different methods of improving energy, vitality and renewing the body. One method is through the use with the use of the Shiva Lingam.

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This tonic jam is revered as an elixir of life in Ayurveda and has been used for thousand of years to rejuvenate the whole system. It is one of the most popular and well known Ayurvedic formulations. Chywanaprash is named after a sage named Chyavana. 

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