Have you practiced TRIKONASANA before?

Tri = three; Kon = angle. The aim of the posture is to make a triangle with the help of your hands and feet.

The posture strengthens and compresses the sides, strengthens the rib-cage, muscles in abdomen and pelvis and massages the internal organs. Through continued practice it helps to relieve stiff neck and shoulders, back, knees as well as relieves tension, depression, sluggishness and constipation.

Effect on Dosha:
Vata – decreasing
Pitta – increasing
Kapha – decreasing

Best not to practice this posture if you suffer from dizziness, high blood pressure, diarrhoea, hip or ankle injury.

Duration: each side for 30 seconds.

I like to use a block as a prop placing it under the hand next to the foot.

1. Align your hips square to your body before bending
2. Practice with wider stance and deeper extension to the side
3. Do not overstretch and strain
4. When body weight is taken by your legs, upper body is light
5. Maintain a steady even breathing

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Have you heard of Tabernaemontana d. before? Tabernaemontana divaricate also known as Nandyavarta in Sanskrit or Crape jasmine in English.

The waxy blossoms are white five petaled pinwheels. The flowers are commonly used for poojas and worshipping gods in India. Nandyarvatam has a magical ability to cure eye disease and the milky juice of the leaves has anti inflammatory action and can be applied directly over the wounds. The juice of the flowers can also be made into eye drops. 

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So much effort goes into preparing classical Ayurvedic medicines. Planting the herbs, nurturing the crops, harvesting…… the person in the picture is one of those amazing people helping in the preparation of classical Ayurvedic medicines. Lots of ginger to peel 🙏.

Ginger is very commonly used in Ayurvedic cooking and Ayurvedic medicine preparations. Ayurveda uses dry ginger (Nagara) and fresh ginger (Ardraka). Ginger is useful in indigestion, asthma, nausea and many many more ailments.

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Have you heard of Aragwadha (Cassia fistula) before?

Aragwadha is a Sanskrit word that literally means that which eliminates or destroys the disease. This is a picture from India but we have this tree also in Australia (a 2 minute stroll from the clinic).

Charaka has categorised it as kusthaghna (anti dermatoses), kandughna (anti pruritic) and also recana (laxative). It’s Ayurvedic properties are rasa (taste) sweet and it has a cold potency (virya). It has Vatapitta (reducing) qualities also Samshramana (bowel cleansing attributes). 

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Valentine’s Day Treat 😍

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! Instead of purchasing chocolates today, try this delicious and organic rose halva as a healthier alternative!

• 1 large handful of golden raisins
• 1 large handful of cashews
• ¼ cup ghee
• 1 ½ cup water
• 1 tablespoon of organic rose water
• 1 cup of farina, also known as cream of wheat
• 1 cup of raw sugar or an alternative of your choice
• Pinch of ground cardamom

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“Love is divine. Love is the greatest force on Earth. It is irresistible. It is love alone that can really conquer the heart of a man….love divine is the only solvent, the one great healer and forgiver.” These are the words from Swami Sivananda about the divine emotion of love.

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