Learn about 🌿 Moringa Oleifera

Often called Shigru or drumstick, the Moringa Tree is recognised for its ability to penetrate into deep levels of the tissue to assists in cleansing and detoxification. Its benefits are extensive – it is claimed the plant can assist in curing 300 different diseases.

Moringa is commonly found in home remedies and kitchens in the foothills of Himalayas, many tropical and subtropical areas of South Asia, Central America, parts of Africa and even the Caribbean.

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Today is Drumstick tree curry day 🌿

In southern part of India this is called muringakol kari 🍛

Drumstick has been used in India since ancient times and it has been documented in the Vedas. 📖
Drumsticks or Moringa pods are
🌿highly nutritious, being a rich source of vitamin C, as well as calcium and iron.
🌿They are also a good source of dietary fibre.
🌿The are exceptionally good for your eye health and the nervous system.
🌿The drumstick pods are very useful in treating disorder of liver, spleen and pancreas it is also good for your bone health and joints.
🌿It is also used to treat intestinal worms and improves digestion

It alleviates Vata and Kapha. People with gastritis, burning sensation and sensitive stomach should avoid this vegetable in excess.

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First day back at school tomorrow

I am sure a lot of Mums are busy today labelling pens and books and thinking of the lunch box preparation for tomorrow.

1. Encourage water intake, avoid sugary drinks. Our favourite water bottle is Hydro flask (available at Lakshmi’s shop). Avoid iced drinks, room temperature is best. 💧
2. Encourage to eat fruits at morning recess and not after lunch. According to Ayurveda fruit should not be eaten after a main meal. Avoid mixing too many different types of fruit, keep it simple. Watermelon is best eaten by itself. 🍎🍌🍓🍊🥝

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Spiced buttermilk anyone?
Sambaram – a Kerala style buttermilk

Buttermilk is called Takra in Sanskrit.

Buttermilk is light, astringent and sour in taste. It mitigates Kapha and Vata and improves digestion.
It cleanses the channels (srotas), it is a mild diuretic and very useful in water retention, oedema, ascites and metabolic syndrome.

Adding fresh curry leaves 🌿to the buttermilk makes it very beneficial if you are suffering from IBS.

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Figs are called Anjeer in Hindi. Anjeer has such wonderful medicinal benefits with such a high nutritional value.

Figs are a wonderful source of iron, rich in calcium (more than milk), potassium (more than bananas) and rich in dietary fibres.
The dried fruits are abundant in manganese, iron, magnesium, potassium, and thiamine. These fruits contain 17 different types of amino acids.

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Do you like watermelons? 🍉🍉🍉

Learn how to eat summer’s favourite fruit 🍉

Watermelon must be one of Australia’s number one fruit eaten during the hot summer on beach trips, BBQ’s, pool parties and picnics.

Watermelon can be your best friend with health benefits or it can slow down your digestion and produce Ama (digestive toxins).

According to Ayurveda watermelon has a cooling and hydrating effect on the body.
It is beneficial in excessive thirst, fatigue, reduces burning sensation, oedema, bladder infections and it is also used as a diuretic.

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