Sweet potato, carrot and spinach Poha
Serves 3-4
1.5 cups of organic poha
3 spring onions
1/2 cup of spinach
1 small sweet potato and a small carrot
1tbs coconut oil or ghee

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Ayurveda has the concept of Srotas and Yoga has the concept of Nadi.

We discussed the Ayurvedic concepts of Srotas the system of channels in the body in one of our last few articles.
A srotas is a passage, path, road or a highway there are thousands of srotamsi (srotamsi is plural for srotas).
Those small srotamsi come together and create a larger channel (srotas) such as the respiratory, cardiovascular, urinary or gastrointestinal tract (this are the physical channels)

Yoga similarly looks upon the subtle body (mind-prana field) as a system of interrelated channels (Nadi).

Nadi is the channel for the flow of prana and consciousness. The literal meaning of Nadi is flow. According to the yogic philosophy there are 72 000 or more subtle channels. These Nadi cover the whole body.

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Would you like to learn how to make your own Ayurvedic medicinal oil or how to make Ghee?

We offer a variety of workshops at Lakshmi Ayurveda and would love to welcome you.

Medicated ghee and oil preparation – Sneha Kalpana

Sneha means fat or a fatty material. Ghee and oil are boiled with Kalka (herbal paste), Swarasa (juice) or Kwatha (herbal decoction) so the active therapeutic properties of the Dravya (herbs) enter into the ghee or thaila/oil.

There are three components of sneha (ghee or oil) preparation:

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We have had numerous people coming into the clinic complaining of sinus congestion and colds lately. We have compiled our top five Ayurvedic formulations to assist you in coping this cold and flu season.

1. Trikatu
2. Tulsi
3. Ginger
4. Yashtimadhuka
5. Chyawanaprash

Trikatu churna – the three spices formula
The ingredients of this formula are sunthi, maricha, and pippali (ginger, black pepper and long pepper). The energetic of the spices are pungent, heating, light and dry. It awakens digestion, digest toxins (AMA) and helps to alleviate cough, asthma and benefits breathing by clearing sticky mucus and phlegm. It is also a great remedy for hay fever. This formula should be used in caution if you are suffering from high pitta and hyperacidity.
Best to make a paste combined with honey.

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Kandughna Dravyas

The dravyas (substances) that reduce or alleviate Kandu (itch) are called as Kandughna. Kandu is predominantly a kapha disorder, when there is excess kapha the srotas (channel) gets blocked/ obstructed leading to an accumulation of moisture/ kleda which then leads to Kandu (itchiness). Kandu can also be produced by Rakta/ blood and Pitta vitiating.

Kandughna dravyas process laghu/ light, ushna/hot, ruksha/dry, tikshna/sharp and lekhana/scraping properties.

Tikta rasa and sheeta virya which counteract the vitiation of kapha, pitta and rakta.
These properties also cleanse the srotas (bodily channels).

Nimba/ Neem (Azadirachta indica in latin) is a herb useful in Kandu.

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