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  • Medjool Dates.

    September 15, 2021 1 min read

    Medjool Dates.
    Medjool dates - we love the nurturing, scrumptious nature of a soft date. But what does Ayurveda say about dates?

    Dates are very nourishing for the body - great for promoting Ojas, our vital essence and immunity, within our bodies. They also nourish the reproductive system and are sattvic in nature

    Be careful not to overindulge ❌ Dates may increase Ojas and be sattvic but eating too many can result in weakened digestion, leading to the build up of AMA within the body as they are heavy to digest.

    Many foods that increase Ojas can also lead to an increase in the Kapha dosha. If you suffer from Kapha-like symptoms such as weak digestion, feeling heavy, water retention or weight gain, it may be best to avoid eating dates or to limit your intake. It is advised to speak with your practitioner to make sure they are suitable for you.

    Check out our blog for our date and almond Ojas drink - we love it! Perfect for those who love a little sweet treat

    Wishing you a great day ✨

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