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  • Dashanga Lepana Treatment

    November 29, 2022 2 min read

    Dashanga Lepana Treatment
    Today we had a special request from an Ayurvedic Doctor from Sri Lanka asking for a preparation called Dashanga lepa. I feel so happy to say, Yes we can prepare classical formulations from scratch. Made with Love in the Lakshmi kitchen. 

    Dashanga lepa is a preparation used in the form of a lepa (herbal paste). 

    The reference for Dashanga lepa can be found in the classical textbook Cakradatta chapter 53. 

    The lepa (herbal paste) is prepared with ten ingredients hence the name Dasanga lepa. Daas meaning ten. 

    This formulation is indicated in Visarpa (erysipelas), cellulitis, kandu (itching), jwara (fever) and sotha (oedema). We will write more about this formulation soon! 

    We prepare a variety of Lepas (herbal paste) at the clinic depending on the need of the patient. Common indications are skin conditions, pain management as well as in beauty therapy. 

    Lepana is also used in the treatment for muscular skeletal complaints. 

    It is effective in the treat bursitis, frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis, plantar fasciitis, osteoarthritis and more. It is a treatment where a warm herbal paste is applied to the affected areas followed by a bandage

    A fine powder of Ayurvedic Herbs is made into a paste mixed with warm oil, amla dravya and saindhava/ rock salt. The warm paste is applied (after an oil application) over the affected area, and the paste is then covered with Vatahara leaves such as Nirgundi and Eranda patra (Castor oil leaves, seen in the picture).

    The area is then bandaged and left for about 25 minutes before it is removed. Prior to the application of the paste, a massage to the area and localised steam is performed.

    The medicinal paste reduces swelling and pain and improves the blood circulation of the area

    This treatment is great to combine with an Abhyanga oil massage. Bookings are available from the link in our bio.

    We wish you a beautiful week. 

    With Love Karin and the Lakshmi Team 

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