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  • 6 Types of Ayurvedic Therapies.

    October 14, 2022 2 min read

    6 Types of Ayurvedic Therapies.
    The classical Ayurvedic texts describe 6 types of therapies that can be used when treating a client.

    The dialogue between Lord Atreya, Agnivesa and his other disciples is written in chapter XXII in the Sutrasthana of the Charaka Samhita.

    In order for the client to experience the best possible outcome, the practitioner will determine which type of therapy is most suitable.

    Check out the 6 types and their examples below.

    1. Langhana: Reducing therapy.

        - Examples: Niruha basti and other treatments which include weight loss.

        - The use of herbs which are light, hot, sharp, rough, subtle, dry, hard.

    2. Brimhana: Nourishing therapy.

        - Examples: Abhyanga, oil basti.

        - Use of which are heavy, cold, soft, unctuous, thick, slimy, stable, smooth to help provide nourishment and nutrition.

    3. Ruksana: Drying therapy.

        - Examples: Ruksha Pinda Sveda, Udvarthanam.

        - Use of herbs that are rough, light, dry, sharp, hot, hard to increase dryness in the body.

    4. Snehana: Oleation therapy.

        - Examples: Ghee intake.

        - Use of herbs which are liquid, subtle, fluid, unctuous, heavy, soft to increase oiliness in the body.

    5. Svedana: Fomentation therapy.

        - Examples: bashpa sveda, steam.

    6. Stambhana: Astringent therapy. 

        - Examples: use of herbs which stop actions of diahhorea, vomiting, excess bleeding and sweating, etc.

        - Use of herbs which are cold, sluggish, soft, smooth, rough, liquid, stable and light.

    Oftentimes a combination of the above 6 types of therapies is used in treatment. For example, Rukshana therapy prior to snehana therapy in Panchakarma. Using Rukshana therapy helps to clear obstructions in the bodily channels before Snehana therapy.

    We offer all of these types of treatments here at the clinic. Which are your favourite treatments? 

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