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  • Ayurvedic Perspective on Walnuts अक्षोट

    May 09, 2023 2 min read

    Ayurvedic Perspective on Walnuts अक्षोट
    Walnuts are called Akhrot in Hindi and Akshot in Sanksrit अक्षोट

    Walnuts, along with almonds, are considered to be the best nuts for Brmhana action. Brmhana provides a building action - therefore it is great for building tissues within the body

    Walnuts are rich in omega-3 fats and contain higher amounts of antioxidants than most other foods. Eating walnuts may improve brain and cardiovascular health

    Walnuts are made of 65% fat and around 15% protein. They are very low in carbohydrates and most of which consist of fibre.

    Be cautious when storing nuts they are prone to become moldy easily. Best to enjoy them fresh or roast them. You can simply roast them on the stove, continually stirring, for a few minutes until they start to turn golden brown and fragrant.

    The Ayurvedic properties of Walnuts are:

      • Madhura (sweet) in taste.

      • Guru (heavy) and Snigdha (oily).

      • The Vipaka (post digestive taste) is sweet and its action are Vata shamaka (reduces Vata).

      • Walnuts are nutritious and have Balya (strength promoting) action.

      • Wound treating.

      • Heavy to digest.

    Ayurvedic medicines with Walnuts are Balamritam, Amritaprasha Ghrita.

    Try our Almond date drink from our Lakshmi Ayurveda team EBook and exchange almonds with walnuts. We also have the recipe available as a free downloadable on our blog. The link to view is in our bio.

    What are your favorite ways to eat walnuts? Our E-Cookbook is available for download with our favorite walnut and date cake. So delicious and nutritious!

    PS: I hand-picked these walnuts from my parent’s tree in Germany. I love all of the seasonal and fresh foods they have!

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