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News - Lakshmi Ayurveda will be closed from 19/08 - 5/09

For all enquiries/ appointments please email If you need any products please let me know before the 18th of August. With warm regards Karin

News Lakshmi Ayurveda online shop coming soon

Online shop available soon for the whole Lakshmi range

Patra Pinda Sweda

A sweating therapy, in which fresh eranda leaves are fried with other herbal ingredients, tied into boluses, dipped into warm medicated oil and applied over the whole body or affected body part. The herbal bags are padded over joints, thus draining…

Dhanwantari's Ayurvedic Kitchen

Mung Bean Kitchari A nourishing, cleansing meal of Mung Dhal, Basmati rice, medicinal spices and ghee The split yellow mung bean, also known as yellow mung is simply the whole green mung bean with the green hull removed and split. It is…

Ayurvedic Rejuvenation

Rasayana / Rejuvenation therapy Rejuvenation therapy has unimaginable and wonderful effects. According to the classical ayurvedic text it promotes life, maintains positive health, preserves youth, enhances intelligence, memory and strength.…

New Lakshmi Ayurveda studio now open

Lakshmi Ayurveda is a centre for promoting health and wellbeing. Our aim is to bring the essence of Ayurveda to Australia making it easily accessible for everyone. The centre is run by a fully accredited and qualified Ayurveda practitioner.…

New treatment available!

Basti/ medicated enema treatment now available! For more information please refer to treatment page Just as a tree irrigated with water at the root produces blue leaves, become beautiful with tender leaves, and during the course of time grows…

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a comprehensive system of healthcare which originated in India over five thousand years ago. The fundamental healing principles which are the cornerstone of Ayurveda are to be found in the various sacred texts of ancient India such…
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