In Ayurveda rheumatoid arthritis is known as amavata and was described in great detail by Madhava.
Amavata is named after the two involving pathological factors – Ama and Vata and is the condition where stiffness of the body occurs due to lodgement of Ama and Vata in the joints.
When Ama combines with the Vayu it then gives rise to vibandha/ constipation, mandagni/ impaired digestion, stambha/ stiffness, antra kujana/ gurgling sound, vedana/ pain, shopha/ oedema and a pin prick sensation which gradually affects the body parts one after the other.
The etiological factors are considered to be incompatible diet, erroneous habits, diminished digestive fire, sedentary lifestyle and exercising soon after having a meal.
Treatments are langhana/ fasting, swedana/ sweating, virechana (Panchakarma), agni chikitsa and patra pinda sveda. Castor oil is used for the purgation. Ayurvedic preparations such as Simhananda guggulu has shown positive results in reducing inflammation and pain.

Health is the condition of wisdom and the signs of happiness
Charaka Samhita

In Ayurveda diabetes is called as Prameha. The word Prameha is derived from the verb ‘meha’ which means to pass urine. The prefix ‘pra’ indicates intensity. Thus the word Prameha means passage of a large quantity of urine. Twenty different types of Prameha are described (4 Vataja, 6 Pittaja, 10 Kaphaja)
One of the vataja types is called Madhumeha which can be correlated with diabetes mellitus. All 3 doshas and all the tissues of the body except asthi (bone) are vitiated.
The main causes of prameha are lack of excercise and improper food habits. Excess food intake of ushna (hot), snigdha (oily), and guru (heavy) foods will increase Kapha, medhas (body fat) and mutra (urine).
Patient suffering from prameha can be classified into two categories
1. sthula (obese) + balavan (strong)
2. ruksha (emaciated) + paridurbala (weak)
The treatment depends on the bala (strength) of the patient – the aim of the treatment is to restore the balance of the doshas and the normal function of the dhatus (tissues).
Recommended foods are: barley, oats, rye, moong bean, drumsticks, cabbage, cauliflower, apples, buttermilk. Daily exercise such as walking, yoga and meditation should be adopted into a daily routine.
Recommended herbs to manage the blood glucose level are Haridra, Amalaki, Bhumyamalaki, Neem and Guduchi. Shilajit is the most suited Rasayana drug for Prameha.

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According to Ayurveda good health is dependent upon our capability to fully digest food. When the digestive capacity known as agni is balanced we create healthy tissues (dhatus), eliminate waste products (kitta) and produce a subtle essence called Ojas.
If the agni is weakened there will be an accumulation of toxic residue which is known as Ama.
Ama is considered the be the root cause of most disease.
Do you think you might have Ama after the winter? Symptoms of Ama are fatigue, heaviness, no enthusiasm, indigestion, constipation, loss of taste and appetite, tongue coating, headaches, brain fog/ poor concentration, joint pain, muscle ache and skin problems. By removing Ama from the body and mind we bring a higher state of being to our lives.
Try a simple home detox
1. For a minimum of 1 week eat light food – Kitchari is ideal. Avoid Ama producing food such as ice cream, yoghurt and curds.
2. Drink hot water with fresh ginger, cumin, fennel seeds and black pepper
3. Avoid Caffeine and alcohol
5. Take ayurvedic herbal remedies such as Trikatu and Triphala after each meal
6. If you are prone to constipation take a teaspoon of castor oil with a pinch of dry ginger in a glass of hot water at night
7. Yoga and meditation are ideal to detox the mind as well as the body

You will notice changes once the Ama is digested such as the feeling of lightness, enthusiasm and the senses are more alert and active

Health is the condition of wisdom and the signs of happiness
Charaka Samhita

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