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Amalaki, also known as Amla, Indian Gooseberry or Emblica officinalis, is one of the most well known Ayurvedic fruits to help support immunity, digestion, promote healthy skin, and so much more! Amalaki is a berry and can be eaten by itself. It is known for having five of the six tastes. These include pungent, bitter, astringent, sweet and sour, excluding salty. Its qualities make it pacifying to Vata, Pitta, and Kapha and can be used in all seasons.

Benefits of Amla

1. Taking Amalaki helps to build ojas, your vibrancy and energy for life, due to its rasayana qualities. Rasayanas have the ability to strengthen, rejuvenate, nourish and improve immunity of the body.
2. Beneficial for skin, eye, and hair health due to high mineral and antioxidant levels which promote the growth of healthy cells. Amla juice can be applied to the scalp to encourage hair growth and improve dry scalp. 

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Do you know anyone who has Psoriasis, or are you suffering with Psoriasis?

If yes, you are not alone. There are 1.6 million people suffering from this ailment in Australia and 125 million people worldwide.

Ayurveda has a great scope for treating this skin ailment.

Psoriasis is a non infectious inflammatory disease of the skin characterised by well defined erythematous plaques with large silvery scales. There is an increased epidermal proliferation due to excessive division of cells in the basal layer of the skin. Keratinocytes of psoriatic skin reach the surface of the skin from the basal layer in 6-8 days compared to approximately 40 days in normal skin.

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The wonderful benefits of the flower Rose 🌹

Rose plays a starring role in Ayurvedic beauty care. The smell and use of rose is very healing. Smell is one of the 5 senses, the smell of aromatherapy oils, herbs and flowers all promote healing in our body.

Rose can help to reduce wrinkles, improve complexion and slows down the signs of aging. Our Lakshmi Ayurveda store stocks some amazing rose products to help you experience these benefits.

We have many body oils, rose water mists, natural deodorants, teas and incense sticks. Rose can be used to de-stress in the bath, soothe tired burning eyes with rose mist, and sweeten your mood as you breathe in the aromas.

Golden Milk

While in India I have been having Golden Milk each night before going to bed. Usually I wake up multiple times throughout the night but as I continue to drink the milk I’m sleeping deeper and waking up more refreshed. The milk comes from the Ashram I am staying, at the Goshala cowshed where they protect and nurture cows. Cows are considered sacred and they’re never sold or abandoned, given space to roam, and the milk tastes heavenly!

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We often see two variations of exercise culture in the west: obsessive or a lack of exercise. Both of these can cause a build-up of toxins, ama, and leave us feeling exhausted and generally unwell. From an Ayurvedic perspective, overexertion can cause as many problems as a lack of exercise.

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Pomegranates are called Dadima in Sanskrit or Anar in Hindi. The botanical name is Punica granatum.

This beautiful fruit is popular for its refreshing taste.

For medicinal purpose the fruit, bark of the fruit and the bark of the roots are used in Ayurveda.

It constituents (Fruit) are Vitamin C, Pectin, Sterols, Alkaloids, and Tannins. This could scientifically explain many of the Ayurvedic indications for pomegranate /dadima.

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