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During the Summer, the sun evaporates the moisture of the earth and therefore induces hot, dry and sharp qualities in the atmosphere, resulting in Pitta aggravation. In Summer sweet, cold, liquid and fatty food and drinks are beneficial. One should avoid or minimise excessive exercise, alcohol, and diets which are salty, sour and pungent, or hot. In Summer time one should enjoy forests, gardens, flowers and cool water. During the night one should sleep on the open airy roof of the house, which is cooled by the rays of the moon.

Charaka Samhita

A wonderful treatments to cool the body and mind is a Ksheeradhara treatment.

This is the therapeutic application of medicated ksheera/ milk with a rhythmic flow on the forehead.

The cow’s milk is processed with herbs having cooling potency (sheeta virya) such as candana/ sandalwood, yasthimadhu/ licorice,  amalaki/ indian gooseberry, musta and shatavari.

Ksheeradhara has great benefits in the treatment of insomnia, psychological imbalance,  mental tensions, excess heat, burning sensation in the head and eyes, premature greying and headaches due to Vata Pitta imbalance.

Different Ksheeradhara variations according to the ailment are available:

  • Baladi ksheeradhar is useful in neuropathy
  • Shatavari ksheeradhar useful in menopause
  • Dashamoola ksheera dhara is useful for alleviating pain in gout

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Lakshmi Ayurveda Gifts

Surprise your loved ones with a unique gift. Lakshmi Ayurveda has a wide range of certified organic Ayurvedic, health and beauty products.

Beautiful gift ideas:

  • Gift Voucher for treatments or consultations
  • Shiva lingam and Chakra stones
  • Ayurvedic skin care range suited to your needs
  • Classical Ayurvedic oils and black seed sesame oil available in 150 ml, 200 mls, 500 ml and 1 litre
  • Organic Ayurvedic herbs and spices
  • Bath powders and handmade soaps
  • Perfume oils and incense
  • Ayurvedic hair care, hair oils, shampoo, conditioner and organic hair dye
  • Ayurvedic cooking books and books for students of Ayurveda
  • Handmade bangles
  • Beautiful eye make-up – natural Kajals and lipsticks

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During this time you are still able to order products through the online shop – there will be a weekly dispatch of parcels so your order may take a few days longer than normal to arrive – thank you for your understanding.

With a change of season approaching, October/November/ December is a wonderful time for Panchakarma/ Detox treatments (an initial consultation is needed prior undergoing this treatment).

For enquiries or bookings after the 1/10/14 you are welcome to email

I look very much forward to seeing you on my return,

Warmly Karin

workshop julyWe are very excited to announce our next Ayurveda and Yoga workshop in November 2014. On our next workshop we will be covering the following topics worshop july 2014
1. Ayurvedic concept of Agni/ digestive fire
2. Yoga and pranayam…a practices for increasing the agni and removal of toxin build up in the body and mind.
3. Ayurvedic concept of Ama/ digestive toxins and how to prevent and treat Ama
4. Introduction of Dravyaguna / Ayurvedic pharmacology – knowledge of some important Ayurvedic herbs/ spices and their medicinal use.
5. Ayurveda and the six tastes (Shadrasa), the six taste and their actions on the 3 Doshas.
6. Explanation of the Yogic physiological model A very informative handout will be provided.
For enquiries please contact Karin or Christiane
We look very much forward hearing from you
The workshop will be held at the beautiful Beacon Yoga Center – Sivananda Ashram workshop July 14

My Experiences of Ayurveda

After experiencing the benefits of Ayurvedic massage treatments whilst on holidays in India, it has been an enormous blessing to discover Karin. Her extensive knowledge, experience and very loving nature make her a highly credible practitioner.

The principles of Ayurveda make very good sense to me as I seek to improve my health and live a more balanced lifestyle. The health benefits I have gained in a very short time through the massage treatments, herbs and diet have been amazing!

Recently I travelled to the city for two weeks of the Panchakarma treatment. The only way I can try to explain the outcome of this amazing experience is by the responses of my family, friends and colleagues upon my return home. I’ve had the most lovely and flattering comments about how great I look to how much I’m glowing and how my skin and hair look amazing! Of course I feel so ‘clean’ and so well, and now I’m very conscious of maintaining this incredible wellness by being more vigilant in practising the basic Ayurvedic principles especially the diet to balance my  doshas.

Thank you Karin …for your very caring and professional approach and especially for maintaining the authenticity and integrity of Ayurveda – a very important and powerful ancient health system.

Susan, Geraldton


Ayurveda and breastfeeding

Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of breast feeding, which ideally should be continued until the baby is at least 18 month of age or longer. Breast milk is the ideal and most natural food for the human baby.

For most mothers it will be a joy watching your baby thrive and grow because of your milk. Breast milk is affected by the mothers lifestyle.  What she eats, drinks, her behaviour and speech habits are some of the factors that influence the breast milk and ultimately the baby. In Ayurveda herbs such as Shatavari are recommended to increase the quality of the milk.

In Ayurveda Breast milk is called Stanya (a sanskrit word). Charaka (An Ayurvedic Author) says that stanya should be clean, thin and at body temperature (not warmer). It should look white and a have a shine like a pearl, sweet in taste. To test the purity, a few drops of breast milk are added to a glass of clean water. Imbalanced breast milk will not mix well with water.

Breastmilk stimulates the digestive power and increases the body’s resistance to various disease. To ensure adequate production the mother should include in her diet, milk (goat or cow) with Shatavari kalpa, ahleev kheer, jaggery semolina, pumpkin, coconut, ghee, dates. To purify the breast milk, spices such as turmeric, hing, fenugreek, cumin and Ajwan are very beneficial.

Low milk supply, excess milk, imbalances due to Vata, Pitta or Kapha dosha can be treated with Ayurveda.

If you are expressing milk or once your baby is older and you are giving him/her some water to drink I would very much recommend to avoid plastic bottles.

Wonderful news for all parents looking for the perfect milk bottle and sippy cup for your baby.

I am sure there are many Mum’s who have spent lots of time and money looking for the best bottles and probably have a whole cupboard full and are still not totally satisfied what you have got. After trialling many different products out on the market I have finally found something just right.

As I am not keen on using plastic these wonderful glass bottles are just perfect, the glass is made of high tempered borosilicate glass which can withstand up to 600 degress celcius and has a unique thermal shock resistance. My lovely pitta predominant toddler has dropped the bottles many times over and over on the floor and they do not break. The beautiful bottle is covered with a food grade silicone sleeve. The silicone sleeve comes in a rainbow colour selection and if the milk is too hot (above 42C) the silicone sleeve will become white. The bottles can be adapted to a sippy cup as your baby grows.

These beautiful glass bottles are now available at Lakshmi Ayurveda. You can visit our shop or purchase them online.

Available in a 240 ml bottle twin packs. the bottle can be adapted to sippy cups by purchasing the adaptor pack.

Highly recommended

$33.95 (2 x 240 ml wide neck glass bottle)

$8.95 Sippy cup adaptor