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Want to know your Prakriti/ body constitution?

Free Prakriti assessment available at Lakshmi Ayurveda with any treatment booked in March For more information email info@lakshmiayurveda.com.au The type of body constitution and mental temperament of any individual is known as Prakriti, which is produced by the predominance of one ore more of the three doshas (Vata/Pitta/Kapha). One’s Prakriti is acquired at birth and […]

An Ayurvedic perspective of Obesity – Sthaulya

The term Sthaulya is derived from the Samskrit word “‘Shula Parbrimhane” which means growth or increase. Hence ”Sthaulya” means the excessive or improper growth of the body. Various references are found in the Samhitas regarding Sthaulya and Charaka has described in detail the causative factors, signs and symptoms, prognosis and management. The following reasons, concerning […]


News – Lakshmi Ayurveda is open again!

After having a wonderful journey to mother India, Lakshmi Ayurveda is open again to provide authentic Ayurvedic treatments for everyone looking to improve or promote their health. While in India I have sourced more certified organic products such as bath powders, gum oil, copper vessels, neti pots as well as beautiful handcrafted bangles made in […]