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Stay Healthy in Spring

Stay Healthy this Spring! Spring is the time to incorporate light and cleansing foods into your diet. As the Kapha season, the moist and heavy qualities should be balanced by eliminated accumulated toxins and bringing more heat into our foods. Spring Tips * Exercise! This will encourage circulation, increasing the heat in the body and […]


Kati Basti Treatment

Do you suffer from back pain? Preparation for a Kati basti treatment. An Ayurvedic treatment where warm medicated oil is pooled on a painful area on the body. Great for knee, back, neck and other musculoskeletal pain. The oil is held in a ring of dough (maintained at a certain temperature)which increases blood flow and […]


Mulberry Cake Recipe

Hmmh what to do with Mulberries? Lily and Elva voted for a cake. Some advice, please give your children an apron if you have some little helpers in the kitchen. It could get messy 🙂 Let’s get started Pick 3 cups of Mulberries, rinse them, dry any extra moisture with kitchen towel. Ingredients Base * […]


🍇It is mulberry season 🍇 According to Ayurveda mulberries are sweet, sour and astringent. They are best for vata and Pitta. Mulberries are great for: 1. Heart and circulation 2. Kidney and urinary system 3. Liver and Gallbladder 4. Rasa/plasma and Rakta/blood and asthi/bone dhatu/ tissue 5. Immune system Enjoy some mulberries while in season. […]

How Well Do You Take Care of Your Teeth?

Teeth are considered an upadhatu of Ashti Dhatu, bone tissue. Normal teeth are strong, white, smooth and without decay. Gums should be even, pink and smooth. According to Sushruta, the author of Sushruta Samhita, fifteen diseases of the roots of teeth and gums are mentioned. Good oral hygiene is very important as part of our […]

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Shirodhara at Lakshmi Ayurveda

Have you experienced a Shirodhara treatment? Shirodhara is by far the most iconic treatment of Ayurveda. It is considered the King of all treatments, as it treats a wide variety of conditions in Ayurvedic clinical practice. The name Shirodhara, comes from the two Sanskrit words Shiras meaning ‘head’ and Dhara meaning ‘to pour’. This deeply […]