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Do you suffer from frequent urinary complaints?

Mutrakrichra or painful urination is classified into 8 types (bheda) 1. Vataja 2. Pittaja 3. Kaphaja 4. Sannipataja 5. Abhighataja 6. Sakrtja 7. Ashamrija 8. Shukraja Treatment of the various types is described in the classical text M.N Chapter 30. Nidana/ Causative factors for dysuria according to Madhava Nidana * too much exercise (vyayama) * […]


Treating Urinary Tract Infections using Ayurveda

From a western approach, urinary tract infections are generally treated using antibiotics. The Ayurvedic approach would take into consideration a variety of conditions, including the severity of the UTI, the constitution of the individual and their symptoms. If treated appropriately and proactively with Ayurvedic formulations and herbs under the guidance of an Ayurvedic practitioner you […]


Dhanyamla Dhara Treatment

Dhanyamla is made of two Sanskrit words – Dhanya meaning cereals or grains and amla meaning sour. We have prepared the formulation using the classical text Sahasrayoga with rice rice flakes, horse gram, puffed rice, little millet and kodo millet, ginger, lime and ajmoda. The fermented liquid prepared from these grains is used for various […]

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Strong nails, healthy bones and beautiful hair with Ayurveda.

Start adding regular black sesame seeds in your cooking. According to Vagbhata (author of classical ayurvedic text) krishna tila (black seed sesame seeds) is a Rasayana (rejuvenation). They have a delicious nutty flavour and are so nutritious. In Ayurveda black seed sesame seeds are known for its beneficial effect for Asthi dhatu bone tissue. The […]

Have a great weekend!

Behind the scenes, Lily is often busy preparing the flower bowls. We hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we love preparing them. We wish you a beautiful weekend. With love from Lakshmi Ayurveda #flowers #roses #flowerbowls #attentiontodetail #frangipani #scents #smells #beauty #family #ayurveda #lakshmi #whatsoninfreo #lakshmiayurveda #comeandvisit

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Conscious Conception – Pregnancy Planning with Ayurveda

We have more and more couples undergoing Ayurvedic fertility programmes at the clinic. Ayurvedic wisdom clearly lays out a pregnancy regime for couples to follow prior to conception and pre-conception care is rich in knowledge I would very much recommend it to everyone planning a pregnancy. The first step includes purification of the body for […]