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Moringa Oleifera

Learn about 🌿 Moringa Oleifera Often called Shigru or drumstick, the Moringa Tree is recognised for its ability to penetrate into deep levels of the tissue to assists in cleansing and detoxification. Its benefits are extensive – it is claimed the plant can assist in curing 300 different diseases. Moringa is commonly found in home remedies and […]

A Note from Erica on Ayurvedic Nutrition

A note from our Ayurvedic Nutritionist, Erica! Looking around at the supermarkets recently, I’m seeing that a lot of packaged and processed foods are disappearing from shelves. This is obviously due to their longer shelf life, as people prepare to spend more time indoors. In order to maintain a healthy body and immune system, there […]


Pippali for Respiratory Health

Pippali is considered the queen of spices to rejuvenate the respiratory system. 🌿 Pippali is the term applied to the fruit of piper longum also called long pepper. Its sweetness gives it is rejuvenating properties and its oiliness make it less drying and heating as black pepper. Pippali is one of the only heating and penetrating […]


Benefits of Tulsi

🌿We recommend Tulsi🌿 The power of Ayurvedic herbs. Ayurvedic medicinal herbs are truly a gift for everyone. One of our favourite herbs this week is Tulsi or Holy Basil 🌿 Tulsi is considered a very sacred plant, high in sattva. It imparts the quality of lightness and spiritual clarity. A wonderful herb to increase immunity […]


Triphala Guggulu Preparation

Homemade 100% organic Triphala Guggulu without preservatives 😊🌿🍃🌱😊 We are busy in Lakshmi’s kitchen today,👨‍🍳preparing Triphala guggulu. 🌿🌿💛 Triphala guggulu is a classical Ayurvedic Medicine preparation. The reference is found in the Sarangadhar Samhita M. K. 7,82-83 Triphala guggulu is effective in: 🌿constipation, 🌿haemorrhoids 🌿anal fistula 🌿weight loss treatment 🌿high cholesterol 🌿laxative 🌿carminative 🌿anti inflammatory