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Juice and Ayurveda

Today I am preparing an afternoon juice with organic mulberries. Mullberies are great for pacifying both Pitta and Vata Doshas – perfect as the summer temperatures start to hit us here in Perth. You may notice that you are starting to crave more juices and fresh fruits. So what does Ayurveda say about juice? For […]

What NOT to do after a meal

All  persons wether healthy or sick, should avoid speaking, singing, fighting, walking long distance, exercise, sleeping, exposure to sun and fire, travel in vehicles,  swimming and riding on animals soon after consuming food.  Best to abstain for one muhurta (a period of 48 minutes): Ayurvedic Samhitas  Is there anything mentioned you do regular after eating. We […]


How to Consume Watermelon

A hot day in Perth, a perfect day for Watermelon. Watermelon is not something I grew up with in Germany but I certainly love it on a hot Australian summers day. Learn how to eat summer’s favourite fruit. Watermelon must be one of Australia’s number one fruit eaten during the hot summer on beach trips, […]