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Jivha Pariksha – Tongue Analysis

Did you look at your tongue this morning? 👅 Was there a thick white coating? Are there cracks on your tongue? During an Ayurvedic consultation, the practitioner will complete Jivha Pariksha, tongue analysis, as part of your Ayurvedic examination. The practitioner will assess the size, colour, moisture, shape, marks, and coating of the tongue that […]

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What is Kapha Churna?

What is 🤔 Kapha Churna? Kapha Churna is a powdered mixture of spices used to balance Kapha dosha, slow digestion, metabolism and sluggishness. Some of the qualities of Kapha dosha, made up of earth 🌍 and water 💦elements, include cold, moist, heavy, dense, dull, oily, and stable. The tastes that balance Kapha are pungent, bitter […]


Juicing from an Ayurvedic Perspective

Kelsey is undergoing her Spring cleansing with a juice fast this year! 🍏🍊🥬🥕🥭 After consideration, she and Karin felt she was suitable for her first juice cleanse. We thought we would share a bit about juicing from an Ayurvedic perspective, as we often get a lot of questions about juicing from our clients. Juicing diets […]


Stay Healthy in Spring

Stay Healthy this Spring! Spring is the time to incorporate light and cleansing foods into your diet. As the Kapha season, the moist and heavy qualities should be balanced by eliminated accumulated toxins and bringing more heat into our foods. Spring Tips * Exercise! This will encourage circulation, increasing the heat in the body and […]


Kati Basti Treatment

Do you suffer from back pain? Preparation for a Kati basti treatment. An Ayurvedic treatment where warm medicated oil is pooled on a painful area on the body. Great for knee, back, neck and other musculoskeletal pain. The oil is held in a ring of dough (maintained at a certain temperature)which increases blood flow and […]


Mulberry Cake Recipe

Hmmh what to do with Mulberries? Lily and Elva voted for a cake. Some advice, please give your children an apron if you have some little helpers in the kitchen. It could get messy 🙂 Let’s get started Pick 3 cups of Mulberries, rinse them, dry any extra moisture with kitchen towel. Ingredients Base * […]