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Alopecia – An Ayurvedic perspective

A very happy moment seeing our client yesterday at her follow up appointment. 😀 Our patient has experienced hair loss in a large circular patch.  Alopecia Areata is called Indralupta in Ayurveda.  Alopecia is an autoimmune disease characterised by hair loss on the body especially on the scalp. The condition can result in total hair […]

Ayurveda Blog

What a wonderful surprise! Today we received a call from a very senior and respected Ayurvedic physician, congratulating us for being number 19 in the top 80 Ayurveda blogs worldwide. https://blog.feedspot.com/ayurveda_blogs/ This was certainly an unexpected surprise and what an honour to be alongside so many amazing blog writers such as the highly respected Dr […]

Save the Date!

Save the date ✔️ Saturday, August 21st at 9am we will be hosting our next workshop. The topic is ‘Women’s health – Enlightening inner beauty with Ayurvedic practices.’ Karin will teach this practical workshop which will include learning how to make your own face-pack to promote optimal complexion, learn the importance of performing self-care practices […]