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Liver Cooling Rose Tea

A cooling rose tea anyone? This is a great herbal tea during the hot summer weather . It supports the natural detox function of the liver. A strong working liver is vital for human health. It is the primary organ involved in the breakdown of every toxic substance your body encounters. The liver easily gets […]

Marma Therapy Course

Are you interested in learning more about marma therapy? If so, this course would be perfect for you! Dr Shishir Prasad is truly an Ayurvedic master and expert of marma therapy. If you’re curious to learn more about the course you’re welcome to contact us directly. Wishing you a beautiful weekend


Classical Quote

Be kind to yourself, others and the universe. Respect yourself, others and the universe. Love yourself, others and the universe. All life is sacred for none of it can be replaced. With love and kindness from the Lakshmi team ❤️ #classicalquotes#sadvritta#goodconduct#sattvic#manas#dosha#sattva#rajas#tamas#selfenquiry#authenticayurveda#Asthangahridaya#charakasamhita#ayurvedastudies#lakshmiayurveda


Spiced Amaranth Porridge Recipe

Are you looking for a plant based protein rich and gluten free breakfast? 🍚 If yes you might like to try some Amaranth. Amaranth is highly nutritious it is rich in fibre, protein and contains important micronutrients such as manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. In Germany we had this more regular in our diet but […]

The Benefits of Bottle Gourd

Bottle gourd is also called Lauki. This vegetable might be very beneficial for you. I am the biggest fan. I would like to share the wonderful benefits of one of the oldest vegetables on the planet. According to Ayurveda bottle gourd nourishes all the dhatus and keeps peace among the five elements. Its madhura (sweet) […]