Kind Words From our Clients

Client Testimonial

Thank you to Karin, Marta and Lance for such a lovely and welcoming visit. The thought and detail that has gone into the facility is truly beyond words. The traditional nature of the treatments are very special. I couldn’t recommend a visit to the centre highly enough. I will be back, and also spreading the word far and wide. It is clear Lakshmi is a place of heart and soul!

– E.A. July 2023

Massage Testimonial

Thank you. I had my second massage at Lakshmi Ayurveda yesterday. So I have now met two of their lovely staff. Both have been skilled, professional and the whole experience was wonderful. Relaxing and restorative. I have no hesitation in recommending their services.

– Sarah P. December 2022

Client Testimonial

Over the past year, I have been having regular consultations with Sam and Karin and their wisdom and knowledge truly changed my life! I cannot speak highly enough of the quality of the treatments and professionalism of the team at Lakshmi Ayurveda.

I also had the chance to participate in several workshops and training and have learned so much from Karin. Ayurveda has become part of my daily life and I am very grateful I found this wonderful sanctuary! I truly recommend this little oasis of peace and serenity!

– Anais October 2022

Student Testimonial

Everyone can benefit from Ayurveda! Karin and her team @ Lakshmi are there to educate and guide both clients and students in a nurturing and practical way. After having a consultation, treatment or studying a course you will experience the benefits of Ayurveda directly. If you are looking for answers for your health I highly recommend Karin and her staff.

– T.S. October 2022

Abhyanga Course Testimonial

The course is fantastic. Karin is a wonderful teacher. The theory was interesting and we had plenty of opportunities to practice what we learnt. I am looking forward to seeing where this course can lead.

– Karen. Abhyanga Course Participant October 2022

Client Testimonial

Am so happy with the service I have received from Karin and her team at Lakshmi Ayurveda.
Over the last 6 months, Karin has listened to my needs and has guided me in a professional manner, helping me achieve my health goals. I feel in very safe hands and am grateful to my friend Tracey for recommending Lakshmi Ayurveda.

– T.D September 2022

Panchakarma Testimonial

I not so long ago completed a Panchakarma treatment with Karin at Lakshmi Ayurveda Perth. It was for some time I was wanting to undergo the treatment but put it of for a few years due to COVID and living interstate. As we recently moved to WA there was no reason not to book in and complete the treatment so found myself setting dates with Karin. My symptoms were poor digestion, back pain, inflammation, brain fog typical for me a 50+year old Australian male.

Karin and her wonderful team helped me through the process with all of them sharing their unique qualities to produce a most incredible experience while at the same time nurturing my body and mind back to a healthy state of being.

Id like to genuinely thank Karin, Kelsey, Sam and their team for the professional and caring treatment and highly recommend them for anyone thinking of improving their quality of life.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

– Andrew July 2022

Client Testimonial

My integrative GP recommended Lakshmi to me about 1 year ago and I’m so grateful for the recommendation. After a number of surgeries, I was unable to eat anything other than rice bubbles and soba noodles.

Under the guidance of Kelsey and Karin, I am now eating nourishing Ayurvedic meals that have not only helped heal my gut but also given me incredible clarity of mind. The gut/mind connection is so powerful.

The Lakshmi team, as well as the Lakshmi premises, are inviting and welcoming. It is always a pleasure to see Alice and Roberta in reception. I leave my consults feeling relaxed, grounded and calm.

I also highly recommend the Abhyanga massages at Lakshmi. It is the most calming and stress relieving treatment I have ever received…the steam at the end of the treatment is heavenly! I find it so relaxing that I decided to complete my Abhyanga massage therapist training in June 2022. Karin conducted the training and is an exceptional trainer. The course content was thorough and insightful and Karin delivers the training in a fun and inspiring way. The other participants were lovely and it was a relaxing 4 days spent in the tranquillity of the Lakshmi community.

Thank you Kelsey, Karin and the Lakshmi team.

– Sarah July 2022

Course Testimonial

The Abhyanga course exceeded my expectations. From Day 1 I really felt there was a lot of valuable knowledge shared, and it made me realise the importance of the theory side with regards to the history and fundamentals, where it began and why.

I feel that Karin really gave a lot of knowledge and I really loved the extra areas that were covered which I have always wanted to learn more about tuning forks and the energetic side, and how the role of the therapist really comes together.

I loved learning the traditional way, and more techniques to clear the space and set up the room. I have got a lot of value out of it and feel very grateful to have been able to come!

– J. June 2022

Abhyanga Course Testimonial

I highly recommend attending a training course at Lakshmi. I recently attended the Abhyanga Massage Training Course and it exceeded all my hopes and expectations. It was an amazing training course! The content, hand-on learning experience, professionalism, and warmth shown by Karin and the Lakshmi team was above and beyond any training course I have previously attended. Karin is an exceptional and inspiring trainer and the other participants were amazing too.

I feel rejuvenated and refreshed after spending 4 days with Karin and the Lakshmi community. My mum thinks I look 5 years younger and my frown line has completely disappeared!! I have also made wonderful friendships with the other participants.

Thank you, Karin and the Lakshmi team. I look forward to attending more courses soon!

– Sarah June 2022

Panchakarma Testimonial

I recently completed a panchakarma program at Lakshmi Ayurveda in Fremantle and it has been the most wonderful experience. As a regular client of Karin and her team, I continue to be amazed by their care and attention to detail. The cleanse has been incredible and allowed me to reconnect with my body following the birth of my child in 2020. I will definitely do it again next spring and continue with other nurturing treatments in the meantime. Ayurveda has become a way of life for me and I never felt better. My gratitude to you, dear Karin.

– J.B. January 2022

Panchakarma Testimonial

Today is my 14th day into my Panchakarma at Lakshmi Ayurveda and I feel amazing already 🙂

It is such an amazing process. I feel blessed to be able to do this for myself.

Thank you Karin and your team for all the care provided.

– France January 2022

Panchakarma Experience

I have completed two panchakarma treatments with Lakshmi Ayurveda, and I can honestly say that each time the process has been life-changing.

I felt supported and empowered throughout the entire process and have a whole new relationship with my body and my health as a result.

I would highly recommend undergoing panchakarma with Lakshmi Ayurveda – truly a gift!

– E. September 2022

Student Testimonial

Studying at Lakshmi Ayurveda has been a beautiful experience. Karin’s reverence for classical Ayurveda, teaching of Sanskrit and authentic protocols has been incredibly inspiring.

– Lucy. November 2021

IBS, Endometriosis, Skin Conditions Testimonial

Visiting Lakshmi has been the best decision I have ever done for my health. Karin is a wonderful, kind and knowledgeable practitioner, who always provides assistance and empowerment with any health concern.

Lakshmi has assisted with a whole range of long lasting issues such as IBS, Endometriosis, Chronic fatigue, Allergies & skin concerns, I always feel grateful to have the personal advice on the ‘Science of Life’ from Karin & the Lakshmi team.

My life has changed in so many ways after visiting the clinic for the past 2 years and I’m so happy to have Karin & the team who have assisted me so much with healing and balance. Highly recommend Panchakarma at the clinic, as well as the luxurious treatments that really benefit the body and mind.

If you want a holistic, meaningful and effective approach to wellness you will not regret visiting Lakshmi.

– C.L. December 2021

Abhyanga Course Testimonial

Karin’s passion, knowledge and calm nature is a blessing and adds so much to the learning experience. Lakshmi’s venue, affordability and welcoming presence made me feel safe to explore & learn. Thank you – I’ll be back to learn more soon!

– Luka D-J. November 2021

Clinic Testimonial

Highly recommend Lakshmi Ayurveda. The most incredible healing space that brings true wellness to the client. Karin & her team have incredible holistic knowledge of any health concern & you will not look back after visiting the clinic. Have been recommending all my family & friends to visit Lakshmi & know all patients to the clinic will have an incredible wellness transformation.

– D.L. December 2021

Fertility Treatment Testimonial

I had a great experience with Lakshmi Ayurveda. I got basti treatment for fertility. Staff is very good. Sam and Laxmi did my basti. It was my fifth IVF and finally I got pregnant. I am very thankful to all of them. I highly recommend.

Karen and Sam are very professional and highly experienced. Thank you Karin! Me and my husband very thankful to you.

– I. September 2021

Body Pain Testimonial

With my journey starting 3 month ago with seeing Karin at Lakshmi Ayurveda. I can honestly say I have been given a new breath of life. I have been struggling with many stomach issues for years and alot of pain through out my body. To feel so rejuvenated and pain free in a long time is a miracle.

Karin you are so gifted with knowledge and healing you are passing on.It’s a true honour to be in your presences. I’m so looking forward to many more healing sessions. Its so lovely to find a healer to journey with. ♡

– S.L September 2021

Clinic Testimonial

I highly recommend Dr Karin Gunthor and the Lakshmi Ayurveda clinic in 13 Suffolk Street, Fremantle WA 6160. Very good consultation advice, highly professional and kindly reception.- try it!

– Pandit S. July 2021

Client Care Testimonial

Each time I am at Lakshmi Ayurveda it’s a warm and wonderful experience. With all the great advice, the professional, dedicated and loving care from Karin and her team, my health has so much improved.

I am very grateful for everything you have done for me and I am so blessed to have found Lakshmi Ayurveda. My trust and confidence are always with you. Thank you so much.

– H. August 2021

Chronic Acne Testimonial

I have been seeing Karin for nearly 4 months now and I can see a massive change in my general health and well-being but especially my chronic acne which was the primary reason I came to Ayurveda.

I have had acne for last 25 years and have tried all allopathic (including roaccutane) and other herbal treatments but nothing helped in long term. After 4 months of Ayurvedic lifestyle my skin has improved massively.

I also found some other benefits such as improvement in my bowels, level of energy, calmness of my mind and emotions. I also lost weight even though I didn’t go in for wt loss, this is probably loss of toxic fat.

I feel much better inside out since adopting Ayurvedic lifestyle and knowing about the dietary triggers to avoid. I feel like Ayurvedic treatments are more sustainable and have positive effects holistically on your life unlike allopathic medicine.

– P.K. July 2021

Facial Testimonial

The treatment itself was absolute bliss! I was in a deep state of relaxation and enjoyed each stage of the facial. The products used felt amazing on my skin, and their aromas were delightful. The Kansa Wand massage was incredible, and smoothed all the tension from my face.

My skin was absolutely glowing after the facial, and people were complimenting me for days. The whole experience, from the actual treatment to the small details like the soothing tea and music, was so pleasant. I will certainly be booking in again!

Facial Client – April 2021

Consultation Testimonial

Hi Karin, I just wanted to share with you that I have quit coffee! It’s been over a week and I’m still getting some withdrawal symptoms.

I’ve also cut down on wine and went to a yoga and meditation retreat with vegan food, silence and no caffeine for 4 days. My body is healing. Thank you for starting me on this journey to health.

Client Anonymous May 2021

Amalaki Rasayana

I’ve received the Amalaki Rasayana today and must say, there’s no substitute for what’s made with care and love Thank you so much for the gift as well!

Gabriela – July 2021

Abhyanga Course Experience

Ayurveda has always been present in my journey as a yoga teacher for the past 20 years. After a long wait, my heart finally feels ready to go deeper.

I am now a certified Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage therapist. It has been a wonderful experience at Lakshmi Ayurveda receiving and giving. Karin our wonderful teacher and Ayurveda practitioner, and her team have been incredible in holding this space for us students. They have inspired, supported me and nurtured me in the Spirit of Ayurveda.

Through learning and sharing this art, this divine circle of women healed and become whole together. I am so grateful for every connection made in this course. Looking forward to offer this heartFull Abhyanga massage to you at @pumphillfarm very soon.

– Gwen April 2021 Abhyanga Massage Therapist Participant

Abhyanga Massage Therapist Training Course Testimonial

Yesterday, I became a certified Abhyanga Massage Therapist under the tutelage of the amazing Karin of Lakshmi Ayurveda.

Karin and Ayurveda have been an integral part of my healing through 2 transformative Panchakarmas over the past year. Karin’s knowledge of classical Ayurveda, along with her passion for teaching and sharing it are impressive, inspirational and clearly her Dharma. I am so grateful to have found this wonderful and loving community. And I had so much fun these past 4 days with this group of nurturing and powerful women. I’m looking forward to giving back to Ayurveda by sharing my love for it, and hopefully helping others along their journeys of wellness too!

B.Y. April 2021

Thank you Karin, this was an amazing and useful session.

I really enjoyed and learned a lot in this workshop. Really appreciate the knowledge you’ve shared today. The workshop presentation and handout was easy to understand. Karin did a wonderful job. Thank you for serving delicious homemade cake and chai. Thank you Kelsey (perfect chai). Would like to attend more workshops in the future.

Padma – March 2021 Workshop Participant

I have been seeing Karin for 5 months now and hand on my heart, it has been life changing.

I have struggled with energy, bloating, constipation, skin issues just to name a few for many years.

Since seeing Karin all of the above has changed, for the better

My inflamed red face has gown down ( I noticed changes in the first two weeks) and I now know what triggers it, my bowels are the best they have ever been.

I am aware of what causes my bloating and I feel so light in my body for the first time in my life.

I have learned so much about foods and simple practise that can and have enhanced my life. This for me has been such a blessing and I cannot recommend Lakshmi enough.

Mairead – March 2021

Today marks the last day of my 3 week Panchakarma with Karin and her amazing team at the beautiful Lakshmi Ayurveda.

With every experience I had at Lakshmi, I was seen and held with the utmost genuine love and care.

It’s been an incredible journey of holistic healing, punctuated with luxurious body treatments. I feel amazing on so many levels and am ever grateful for the knowledge I have gained about the ancient science of Ayurveda. A true investment in my health, in myself.

The past year my life was halted with chronic pain that I could feel seeping into my mind and spirit, I could barely recognize myself anymore. Through reflection during my Panchakarma, trying to understand and pinpoint how and when my health had taken such a turn, I saw so clearly how truly deep the body-mind-spirit connection really is.

Poor diet and lifestyle choices when I was younger, excessive use of pharmaceuticals (I’m a product of the 90’s banana penicillin concoctions!!), traumas that still need processing, injuries I chose to ignore over and over, being an insatiable party animal, countless hours in the loo with travel sickness – I am still going down the rabbit-hole of getting to know myself. Biography and biology absolute go hand in hand.

I have so much gratitude for the lessons my body has forced upon me – to slow down, to listen, to look deeper. Divine timing has brought upon me a new chapter, this chapter is devoted to self-love and self-care – I now see no other way of being. Thank you Lakshmi Ayurveda!

Om Shree Dhanvantari Namaha

Bonnie – Panchakarma Testimonial

August 2020

Karin is such an amazing person, healer, and a friend. I have been coming to her clinic for the past five years and I must say that my life has dramatically improved.

I had such a tumultuous health journey where I have felt sick physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually for years and no western doctor can diagnose what was wrong with me despite having numerous blood test and imaging done. Karin guiding me through it all was such a blessing.

She has modified my diet, daily routine, and of course performed Panchakarma.  I have done four panchakarma treatments: vamana treatment has removed my emotional baggage such as too much attachment to people, unyielding stubbornness, and jealousy; virechana has improved my digestion, removed a lot of accumulated body heat and body noise which in the past has made me uneasy and jittery; basti treatment has given me good sleep, regular bowel movements, and calmness; and nasya as removed negative thoughts and self doubt. 

If you have to do one thing for yourself, I highly suggest to invest in your health and your overall wellbeing.  It may take a lot of time and effort, however it is the best investment you could ever make.  Ayurveda has improved my life for the better, my health is amazing, I am making better decisions, and I am meeting better people.  Call me crazy but I feel like my luck has changed as if the universe has given me better things now that my body is clean and of a higher frequency. 

I have regained my motivation, mental clarity, and emotional strength that I have lost for years.  I can say that my path to self discovery is a very enjoyable journey as I feel comfortable in my own skin, my health is better, and I now have the knowledge on how to live a life of balance.  PS:  I think the best thing part of it all since I modified my lifestyle and diet is that I look younger!!!!!  Thank you so much Karin and your lovely team that made me feel so welcome through those years!

Vanessa – Panchakarma Testimonial

One day during treatment I turned to Erica who was massaging me and I said to her Ayurvedic treatment is the holy grail of health care and truthfully it really is.

Greatest respect to Karin and girls for what has now become my new normal.

I was lucky enough to have searched up Lakshmi Ayurveda and had actually no idea of Ayurvedic treatment or Ayurveda in general. What a revelation what a tremendous find this incredible health care system developed thousands of years ago came into my life. With the guidance from Karin I started with my first steps into world Ayurveda. Karin was extremely careful with her suggestions into changing my diet/lifestyle/mindset my strong Pitta dosha perhaps helped me strive to make sure I stuck to everything Karin suggested, glad I did having severe hot flushes 40 a day and having had breast cancer anything to improve my physical body I took to with gusto.

I began a Panchkarma 3 week program at Lakshmi Ayurveda and was guided through the whole process with the outmost care, professional service and above all Love from all the wonderful staff at Lakshmi Ayurveda. My world has changed I will forever be grateful to Karin and girls for the supreme gift of Ayurveda, I feel as though life now has a completeness I feel fantastic well rounded and back into life. I now impart snippets of Ayurveda into my grown up children I absolutely love it when they ask about Ayurveda and I laugh when I play mantras that Karin gave me and my children start humming along how perfect!

Andrea Deane – Panchakarma Testimonial

The Panchakarma treatment at Lakshmi Ayurveda was beautifully presented in a warm and caring way.

The atmosphere was peaceful, clean and welcoming. I recently completed the Panchakarma cleanse. It was so nice to be supported by Karin and her assistants which are all very adept and experienced. I found it to be challenging but profoundly healing.

Mark – Panchakarma Testimonial

My blood pressure is significantly lower as are my cholesterol and sugar levels. My skin is clear, my eyes bright and for the first time in years I am not having to get up at night time to go to the bathroom. My lower back pain has disappeared and I am hopeful that my arthritic knee will also improve overtime.

As man in late middle age and suffering from the stresses of 21st century living, being overweight, foggy brained, listless and tired with the attendant problems of high blood pressure, high sugar and cholesterol levels, I knew I was in need of a remedy.

As seems to be the case when a need becomes pressing I was offered a possible solution for the alleviation of my ailments. I went for a walk with a friend who told me of this program and that he was seriously considering following it. This intrigued me and after a struggle with my ego who was trying to talk me out of it I made the commitment to undertake the program.

Although I was aware of ayurvedic medicine I had no idea of what its premise was or what it entailed, so I had no preconceived notions or expectations.

The process itself began with a consultation with Karin who was very caring and obviously fully committed to her work. I realised that far from being a simple detoxification program it was specifically tailored to my needs and offered the promise of relief from some chronic issues that were curtailing my life quality.

The first three days were difficult but not as difficult as I imagined and I realised that much of the discomfort was due to the sacrifice of my cherished habits which whilst enjoyable were not exactly healthy, especially the quantities in which they were indulged.

After that the process became more and more enjoyable under the nurturing hands of Karin, Talu and Aki. I especially enjoyed the hot turmeric oil massages and Shirodhara (the pouring of warm oil upon the forehead).

I felt a bit uncomfortable about the enema’s but my concern was unwarranted as the process was painless and not embarrassing.

I have just recently finished the program but can feel that my body is still at work and so I expect that the benefits of the process will continue.

As to the benefits: My blood pressure is significantly lower as are my cholesterol and sugar levels. My skin is clear, my eyes bright and for the first time in years I am not having to get up at night time to go to the bathroom. My lower back pain has disappeared and I am hopeful that my arthritic knee will also improve overtime.

In addition, my mind is clear my mood has improved, I am waking up fresh and I have lost the desire for sweet things.

As a bonus I lost 5kg in two weeks and it is very gratifying to look down and be able to see my feet.

Finally the Panchakarma program supports any psychological or spiritual process one is undertaking as it helps integrate mind and body which is vital for well being and so often overlooked in the fragmentary chaos of wester civilisation.

So if you are looking to improve your health and promote lifestyle change I heartily recommend taking the Panchakarma Program.

Thanks for taking the time to read this missive.

I knew I was in need of a remedy…

Rob Hindmarch – Panchakarma

I have done several pancha karmas with Karin over the years, in fact it has become a very important part of my annual health regime. As a long term practitioner of Yoga and meditation, I feel like Ayurveda is an essential part of progressing on the Yogic path. I feel so much difference from one pancha karma on every level of my system, it is really profound.

The effect goes on with changes I am able to make in my lifestyle after each detoxification, old habits and ways of thinking seem to fall away as part of the process. I am so grateful to be able to access this on my own doorstep here in Perth and find that Karin’s advice is so practical and down to earth but totally on the money and effective for my constitution and issues. I have come to totally trust her judgement and care.

Ayurveda has helped me to regain full health after contracting Ross River Virus a couple of years ago. I finally feel like i am getting over it and am so grateful to be feeling strong and vital again with the help of Karin’s individualised program. I definitely recommend this treatment for anyone with a similar condition.
Thank you to all at Lakshmi, i owe you so much for all your care and wisdom. We are so lucky to have you.

Christiane – Panchakarma Testimonial

I am extremely happy with the Pancakarma results because I have never seen anything like it.

I just would like to thank you for all the care and knowledge that you have imparted to me these past few months. I am quite amazed that there is always a solution to any health problem as long as you are open to learning and experiencing.

I am very confident in your wealth of knowledge as an Ayurvedic doctor and absolutely love your warmth and grace as a wife, mother and friend. I don’t think I can thank you enough as you have definitely changed my life for the better. I now have a new outlook in life and a new perception on health care. I will always aspire to be a religious student of Ayurveda and continue my lifetime journey of balance, good health and spiritual awakening.

Vanessa – Pancakarma

I feel extremely lucky to have been under the care of Karin and her team for 5 years now. Not only have I been able to improve my health in many ways, I also learned so much in that time, allowing for gentle and positive changes to my lifestyle.

Your time at the Lakshmi clinic is peaceful and always filled with the pure intention of allowing you to relax and heal in a loving, nurturing, and supportive environment.

I highly recommend Karin for pre & post-natal care/treatments. This is something I have found most beneficial for fertility, preparation for a healthy pregnancy and baby. As a bonus, it certainly helped me move the extra weight that I found harder to shift once the baby was born!

For me, the panchakarma has been the most effective method of “detoxing”. I think it provides a powerful path to healing and was so different to all other “detox” programs I had tried. Not only did the panchakarma address any physical concerns, but overall it leaves my body refreshed, my skin glowing and sets me up for a clear mind to continue to engage in a balanced lifestyle.

Aside from the amazing benefits that Ayurveda has to offer, Karin is a truly beautiful and genuine person who gives so much individual attention to each of her patients. She takes the time to listen to you and respects the value of how the individual feels in delivering a customised approach to healing.

To all the Lakshmi team, I am very grateful for all the wonderful treatments and love you always provide during my time with you.

I just wish the clinic was closer to me

Kerryn – Long-term Client

After experiencing the benefits of Ayurvedic massage treatments whilst on holidays in India, it has been an enormous blessing to discover Karin. Her extensive knowledge, experience and very loving nature make her a highly credible practitioner.

The principles of Ayurveda make very good sense to me as I seek to improve my health and live a more balanced lifestyle. The health benefits I have gained in a very short time through the massage treatments, herbs and diet have been amazing!

Recently I travelled to the city for two weeks of the Panchakarma treatment. The only way I can try to explain the outcome of this amazing experience is by the responses of my family, friends and colleagues upon my return home. I’ve had the most lovely and flattering comments about how great I look to how much I’m glowing and how my skin and hair look amazing! Of course I feel so ‘clean’ and so well, and now I’m very conscious of maintaining this incredible wellness by being more vigilant in practising the basic Ayurvedic principles especially the diet to balance my doshas.

Thank you Karin …for your very caring and professional approach and especially for maintaining the authenticity and integrity of Ayurveda – a very important and powerful ancient health system.

Susan, Geraldton – Panchakarma

Karin was her usual wonderful, kind, knowledgable, caring self.

I had a ball Saturday. It was nice to be reminded of the things I had forgotten and also to learn some new things.

Great atmosphere. Warm energy. Went home buzzing.

Sheena – Workshop Testimonial

The Panchakarma treatments with Karin have changed my life.

Prior to starting Panchakarma, I experienced significant digestion issues, menstrual pain, trouble sleeping, anaemia, fatigue and emotional blockages. My gynaecologist recommended I undergo laparoscopic surgery and immediately start hormonal treatments to cure my assumed endometriosis. I opted out of the surgery and hormones and decided I wanted to take an Ayurvedic approach to regaining my health through Panchakarma treatments with Karin. The decision was one of the best of my life.

Karin and her therapists were extremely supportive during the treatments. I loved being at the clinic and seeing them daily. They emotional support was genuine and unmatched by any medical professional I have ever met. The symptoms I faced prior to Panchakarma have miraculously reduced. My friends tell me I look brighter (and I can actually see it in myself). My quality of life on a mental, spiritual and physical level have improved dramatically. Karin is inspiring, genuine, caring, and extremely knowledgeable in her understanding of Ayurveda. Lakshmi Ayurveda has been an absolute blessing to my life. I recommend visiting the clinic to everyone.

With all my Light and Love I thank you.

Kelsey – Panchakarma

I just had the most caring panchakarma of my life at Lakshmi. Karin was outstanding in the way she would explain all the outcomes possible to every small step of the treatment, making me secure and more interested through the process.

My friends have been telling me how glowing I am, and they have no idea how good it feels inside. I feel centred, having the body and mind functioning in their best in years! I left Lakshimi promising myself to do it regularly. So I’ll be back for this encounter to my highest I.

Love&Light to all therapist there.

The most caring Panchakarma of my life.

Florence B – Panchakarma

Find out more about Panchakarma

Panchakarma treatments are bio cleansing regimes intended to eliminate toxic elements from the body and enhance immunity of the patient.

Once I had finished my treatment, I felt a sense of lightness, joy and mental clarity, of which I had not felt in years.

I could feel the benefits of my treatment almost immediately. Since my treatment, my fresh outlook on life has opened up many wonderful opportunities for me. I remain grateful for my treatment, and cannot wait for my next panchakarma. I would highly recommend Karin and the panchakarma treatment to anyone wanting to treat and nurture their body, mind and soul. Thank-you again Karin for such a beautiful experience.

The warmth and professionalism Karin showed during my panchakarma was above reproach.

Caroline – Panchakarma

Recently I saw Karin for a Panchakarma Treatment. It was one of the most healing and life changing experiences I have ever had.

Karin at all times was very professional and monitored my progress at every stage very carefully.

Before Panchakarma I was toxic due to western life as well as my body being subjected to extensive courses of antibiotics. After Panchakarma I felt lighter emotionally, physically I was 5 kilos lighter and the back problem I have had for many years had disappeared. The wisdom of Ayurveda passed on to me through Karin has given me the tools to live a much healthier richer life.

Thank you so much Karin!


Christine – Panchakarma

The Marma Points workshop was extremely interesting and I learnt a lot.

It made me want to learn even more about it.

France – Workshop Testimonial

Thanks Karin and Talu for sharing all that love and knowledge with us.

Hi beautiful people, I absolutely loved the workshop. Of course, there are lots of new words to remember but at the end, the concept and philosophy are just lovely and it makes sense.

Very much appreciated.

N.D. – Ayurvedic Nutrition and Beauty Workshop

Karin is a beautiful professional person and is very good at explaining and teaching.

I recently attended the Marma points, Kansa wand and head massage workshop at Lakshmi Ayurveda. This was my first exposure to Ayurveda.

Karen – Workshop Testimonial

Kind Words About Our Treatments & Workshops

The workshop was very interesting and educational.

I would like to attend regularly, monthly workshops.

Panchakarma Workshop Feedback

Karin is so welcoming. The massage is always of supreme quality and I felt like a goddess at a sacred retreat.

Can’t wait til I come again! Great feelings, smell and massage Length of time spent on each side of the body was great. Beautiful flowers, peaceful, clean and welcoming atmosphere. It was very warm and sunny in the limestone hut


My Abhyanga treatment at Lakshmi Ayurveda was so relaxing and peaceful.

It met my expectations. The atmosphere was most tranquil, peaceful, clean, welcoming with calming music.


This treatment was incredible.

Erica, thank you for such an exquisite 1.5 hours. Thank you Karin for providing this peaceful sanctuary. Please don’t change anything, it was perfect! Over and above my expectations.

Jo – Abhyanga Feedback

I wasn’t there for a treatment, it was my first time visiting. Upon entering there was a wonderful feast for the eye of harmonious products and gifts. A feeling of being nurtured and peaceful surrounds. We were fortunate to be greeted by several staff each with their own unique presence we felt welcomed at ease like we were being welcomed into a loving journey of health, wellness and bliss. We felt so grateful for this experience we will be going back! Thank you!


The masseuse Erica definitely has healing hands. She excelled and made sure I was comfortable at all times.

The service met my expectations – I wish to move in Thank you!

Lorraine – Consultation and Abhyanga Treatment

I can’t thank you enough for my treatment (pinda sveda) yesterday.

From the moment I stepped into the studio I felt nurtured and safe in the kind presence of your wonderful skilful therapist, Erica who took care of every detail to ensure i had the best experience possible. As the treatment progressed i felt layers of stress falling away until finally i fell asleep! I could have stayed on that massage table all day. The steam was the perfect ending to the treatment and I left feeling light and refreshed.

Thank you so much to the Lakshmi team for your wonderful work, I couldn’t recommend you highly enough.

Christiane – Pinda Sveda Testimonial

Thank you for all of your help Karin I know this is a lifestyle change not a quick fix but thank you to the whole team at Lakshmi Ayurveda for you care, help and support.

I’m a 32 year old woman who has been struggling with a skin condition called Hidradenitis suppurativa.

HS is a skin is a painful skin condition that usually starts with a single, painful lump under the skin that persists for weeks or months.Later more bumps form. They usually appear in areas with hair follicles with many oil and sweat glands, such as the armpits, groin, under arm. They also occur where skin rubs together, such as the inner thighs, breast and buttocks.Over time, tracts connecting the lumps may form under the skin. These wounds heal very slowly, if at all, and can leak pus,

HS is not contagious and has no cure the exact cause of hidradenitis suppurativa isn’t known. It develops when hair follicles in the skin become blocked. Experts think it could be connected to hormones, inherited genes and immune system problems. Smoking, excess weight and metabolic syndrome also might play a role.

Hidradenitis suppurativa is not caused by an infection or being unclean, and it can not be spread to other people. It effects 4 % of the population and is 3 times more common in women than in men.

This has been my life dealing with this condition for 15 years it has effected my personal life, sex life and self confidence as a woman.

I have constantly been in and out of dermatologist… Constantly on medication that has adverse affects…

And trying everything including laser…

I thought nothing would work but at my wits end though I would try one last thing and a natural approach… This is when I contacted Karin at Lakshmi Ayurveda…

Karin did a hour consultation with me…

Where she Discussed with me my Dosh types, the right food I should be eating for my body/ skin, other life style changes and that she thought it would be of benefit doing Mung bean detox that I should do for a week.

After completing this detox for a week. I have never seen my skin look so good since I have had this condition. I also had a Ayurvedic massage that was amazing.


Book a consult

Changes to daily routine and dietary habits will be discussed with the aim of restoring balance through diet, lifestyle, classical Ayurvedic preparations and body cleansing advice.

You will receive a personalised and handwritten treatment plan to take home!

It’s been really amazing to get such good results from the advice you gave me.

My headaches at night disappeared, I got my periods back within 3 weeks (and it was a nice normal menstruation with no PMS!), my mouth ulcers healed quickly and I feel as though I have more energy. The coating on my tongue is slowly receding (so fascinating to watch!)…

Thank you very much for the consultation I had last month.


I am not normally a person who uses herbal medicines but this has changed my mind, in more ways than one!

Thank you for suggesting Brahmi for my insomnia it has been so good and even if I have woken during the night I just go straight back to sleep.

Roger – Brahmi

I felt freer afterwards!

The Abhyanga and steam bath treatment was very relaxing and lovely.


The service was friendly and welcoming.

The Abhyanga massage was a wonderful service.


I loved every minute of the Abhyanga massage – no changes.

The atmosphere was beautiful – thank you!

K.A. – Abhyanga Massage

I am feeling great and have lost 3-4 kg! mmmm!


Did the poultice this morning and left it on for ages as it felt so nice.

I am just letting you know that I believe I am walking much easier today. Not so much pain and more fluidity in the walk. (My dog likes eating any that falls on the floor!)

Helen – Ligament and Meniscus Tear – Upanaha Treatment

I have never before had such a result.

Thank you for suggesting the Neem powder for the Tick Bites. Within 36 hours all swelling, redness pain and itching has disappeared. Only a red dot remains and the discomfort in my armpit has also gone. I have never before had such a result with any of the other remedies I have ever tried. In the past the bites have taken 4-6 weeks before all the swelling, redness and itching has disappeared.

Again many thanks.


What a blessing to find someone so in tune with my spiritual path & who is in alignment with energy, knowledge & heart. I highly recommend going to Karin!

I had a Yoga Basti (part of the Panchakarma) 9 day cleanse & other treatments, for a few things; allergies, food intolerances, bowel disease (crohns) & healing for my Uterus (after 3 miscarriages).

All I can say is WOW! I am feeling so much better already & im on my way to health & vitality once again. My bowel & uterus have responded instantly to the treatments, I no longer have terrible pain (in either area) – things are coming back to normal.

Karin is so loving, supportive & a wealth of amazing knowledge. I am blown away! After years of many different doctors, natural healing & remedies, I have found what works for me – Ayurveda & my Angel Karin.

I wanted to share with you all, a WONDERFUL Ayurvedic healer Karin from Lakshmi Ayurveda

Faith Pereira

It was bliss!

I want to thank you for a wonderful massage & sauna last week. After the treatment I was totally relaxed… it was bliss. I will certainly try and slot more of these treatments in the future.


Well I was in heaven with my treatment yesterday, thank you so much. I didn’t realise how special the Shirodhara is.


Thank you for the introduction to Ayurveda you opened my mind and body to this wonderful world of healing and have given me a much deeper understanding and appreciation of Ayurveda.

You truly are a wonderful person with such compassion and professionalism that compliments the wonderful work you do.Throughout the weeks I felt so well cared for, you guided me through every treatment with such detail and loving care.

After experiencing years of operations, medications and accumulated toxins in my body I am now feeling totally energised and rejuvenated and in a much healthier and happy position within myself. Panchakarma has been an amazing life changing experience the effects are truly profound.

Karin I am forever grateful for the tremendous amount of love and support you offered me throughout the weeks you are so inspirational and committed.


Last week I was crossing at one of the intersection at Perth when a lady approached me to compliment me on one of your lipsticks I was wearing, she loved the colour and said how nice it looked on me.


Much gratitude to you, Talu & the rest of the team for a truly amazing, informative and most enjoyable workshop on Sat. I enjoyed it very much.

My dear Karin, The bindi balls will definitely get made – the fennel & ajwain were an unusual addition and took them to another level! Thank you for the recipe and other attachments and most of all your wonderful presence and genuine love of Ayurveda. It’s both heartwarming and inspiring.

Keep shining ladies!

My Very Best Wishes

S.N. – Workshop Testimonial

Karin Gunthor

Karin Gunthor

B.Sc (Hons) Ayurveda

Let us know what you think

We’d love to hear about your experience with us.

Thank you so much for this beautiful, healing experience!

Real healing only happens when one can be open, feel vulnerable and surrender in the presence of the practitioner, and you definitely create that space – so thank you!

This has been such an incredible learning experience for me, about myself, about health physically, mentally and spiritually, and about Ayurveda! And thank you for the opportunity to stay here too, it made it that much more special for me! Stepping away from daily habits and into this sanctuary you have created here! I’m feeling so inspired now for life, my mind is so much more clear, my tummy doesn’t feel as heavy and I have consistent energy throughout the day. So thank you, and also a special thank to Aki, Talu and Irena for their support during the Panchakarma too! My mind is now filled with all the knowledge you have passed on to me, I feel so blessed to have stumbled upon Ayurveda and all the beauty it has to offer!

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