Karin regularly visits Dr Mahadevan’s Gurukulam in the beautiful area of the Tamil Nadu. Dr Mahadevan is an inspiration to Karin and a Guru of Ayurveda. He provides Karin with support, teaching and guidance to this day and is closely associated with Lakshmi Ayurveda Academy.

Guru Brahma

Guru Vishnu

Guru Devo Maheshwarah

Guru Saakshat Para Brahma

Tasmai Sree Gurave Namaha 

Who is Guru? Guru is a remover of darkness. These individuals provide guidance to see into our nature, our soul, the truth. Blessing us with their teachings, we thank you for your self-less service.

Dear Guruji Dr Mahadevan Lakshmanasarma , I am so grateful for all your kind words written about me. I feel so blessed to be your student. Words cannot express the immense gratitude and the impact your guidance, teaching has made in my life. I bow to you again and again.

Thank you for the knowledge and wisdom you share with so many students around the world. My Ayurvedic practice I owe all to you. Thank you for gifting me all your books, constant support and guidance.

Namaskaram, Jai Ayurveda

Karin Lakshmi

Kind Words from Guruji

“I feel very happy to write this article. I know Karin Gunthor who we call as Lakshmi. She is an Ayurvedic clinician in Perth Australia. She has travel to Africa, United Kingdom, and India. She visited Derisanamcope and stayed with me for quite number of days and studied. She was a clinical nurse in the early part of her career. She studied aviation medicine in early part of her life, emergency medicine, communicable disease prevention and a program on TB prevention. She did internship for 4 years in Ayurveda in Manipal University. Thus she fulfilled dream of becoming an Ayurvedic clinician. She was at Alva’s college Moodabidri, Karnataka and worked under eminent persons. She also worked under Dr.Gautham, Mangalore. She was with me and I taught her our clinical ideas. She loves Derisanamcope very much. She stayed in our Gurukulam. She was inspired by our work. She studied all the works written by us. She also studied from Dr. Gayathri.

She has undergone pulse training from Dr.Vasant Lad, New Mexico. She is good at Yoga. She came here and spent lot of time with us. Learned Guna-based approach, etc., She is able to diagnose very well. She is doing good snehapana in Australia. She is doing avapidaka snehapana also. She is having clear idea about whether to use simple ghrta and medicated ghrta. She even quoted Dalhana’s commentary “Samskritam va Asamskritam va” to me. She is a very dedicated person in Ayurveda.

She has invited me to Perth to teach, to relax, and to see cricket ground and Kangaroos. I would like to go there soon; I could not go, because of workload. She prepares Nayopayam lehyam, cultivate brahmi, makes aragwadadi yogas. She does all the panchakarma procedures as equal to a good ayurvedic panchakarma specialist here and better than many of our people. She is a real boon teacher and a clinician and she is propagating Ayurveda from her heart. She does panchakarma programs and ayurvedic coaching programs also. She is associated with academic activities there. She learnt a lot through our books. We feel very proud about her. I have students from all over India and 16 countries and she is one among the best and we wish her all the best.”

About Dr. L Mahadevan

Dr. L. Mahadevan completed his BAMS from Venkataramana Ayurveda College, Chennai. He completed a post-graduate MD in Kayachikitsa from the Government Ayurveda College in Thiruvananthapuram. Following his MD, he completed his doctorate Ph.D in Ayurveda from Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu.

Dr. L Mahadevan has significantly contributed to the academic and clinical practice of Ayurveda as a physician, teacher, writer and student counsellor. He is one of the most sought-after teachers in the field of Ayurveda worldwide. He has personally trained more than 2500 BAMS and MD students.

He is a successful practitioner in a village in Kanyakumari district.  He is also a Professor in Pankajakasthuri Ayurveda College, Kattakkada. He has published a number of papers and attended a large number of seminars both nationally and internationally.

He has developed a unique Guna-based Tridoshic concept of clinical practice for practitioners and budding ayurvedic clinical practitioners and students. 

He conducts regular CMEs, seminars and national conferences inside and outside the state by sharing his vast clinical experiences and excellent oratory skills. Dr. L.Mahadevan has conducted 2 national seminars  VAIDYANADHAM – 2014 and VAIDYANADHAM  2018 focusing on Tridoshic Principles at Vivekananda Kendra Campus, Kanyakumari. It was an inspiring event with more than 500 delegates attending from across India, all of whom were eagerly involved in the proceedings all three days. 

Besides Ayurveda, he handles literature, music, poems and public speaking. He has  trained more than 2500 BAMS and MD Ayurvedic students in the industry.

He started a charity 15 years ago by the name SARADA MAHADEVA IYER AYURVEDIC EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST. The charity provides free treatment, medicines and clinical consultation to those facing financial hardship. He also provides an in-house clinical training program to Ayurvedic students. Students from different colleges are sent here for internships. 

Dr. L. Mahadevan is sincere and motivating in his teaching which is evidenced by the large number of teaching sessions across India. His teaching fills the heart of individuals with a passion for Ayurveda. He inspires students and scholars of Ayurveda and strengthens the hands of Ayurvedic clinicians with the confidence to practice; making him a trusted and encouraging teacher.

In addition, he runs a hundred-year-old hospital in Derisanamcope a village in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, India. Around 80 to 100 patients visit the hospital in a day, which includes inpatient facilities. Around 150 sastric formulations are prepared in the hospital itself for the purpose of dispensing to the patients visiting the hospital. All Kriyas in the inpatient ward are performed.

Thank you guruji for your selfless and inspiring service through Ayurveda. We bow to you.