International Ayurvedic Seminar in Farrukhabad

Words cannot express my gratitude, sincere thanks and respects to Dr. Jitendra Singh and Dr. Anita Ranjan director of Major S. D. Singh P.G. Ayurvedic Medical College for the invitation to present at the international Ayurvedic seminar in Farrukhabad. 








I have not experienced a conference like this. Wow 


The delegates were welcomed with a parade, music, trumpets and flowers. 

This was certainly humbling and mind blowing at the same time as the kindness and hospitality was beyond any imagination or what I have ever experienced before. 

It was truly wonderful connecting with experts in the field of Ayurveda such as Dr Shishir Prasad, Dr Ram Adhar Yadav, Prof Amideo Bianchi, Prof. Babu Ram Tripathi, Vaishali Pratap, Jean-Pierre Catalano and so many more eminent speakers. 

What a huge task organising such an international conference. From the bottom of my heart a thank you to Dr Jitendra Singh, Dr Anita Ranjan, all teachers at the college and staff for making such a great event possible. 

I am leaving India with a full heart 2764.png and can’t wait to return again soon. 


Karin, Lakshmi Ayurveda 

PS: a special thanks to Dr Mukesh, Dr Nitu, Dr Bharti. just to name a few. I will miss you and not to forget a big thanks to all the wonderful students for all the cheering and heartfelt welcome.

Hope we all met again in India or Australia. 

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