Back home in Perth


It’s always great to arrive back home.

Nothing  better than being welcomed by my husband Lance, Lily and Elva (with flowers)


I have missed my little family.  🤵‍♂️👧🏼👧🏼🐈🐓🐓

A huge thank you to my hubby and the whole Lakshmi team. Everyone has been incredible and the clinic operated so smoothly. 🙇‍♀️

A special thanks and Pranams to

Dr L Mahadevan Sir and all my teachers.

Without them my dream of studying Ayurvedic Medicine would not have become true. 🙏

But now time with my family, a hot bath, an abhyanga, dhal, roti and sleep 😴 😴 after 30 hours travelling.

From tomorrow morning I will be back in my usual routine and I look forward to seeing you at the clinic.

With Love, Karin ♥️🇮🇳♥️🇮🇳♥️

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