Workshop: Face, Head and Kansa Wand Massage

Curious to learn more about Ayurvedic face and head massage? 💆🏼‍♀️

Our next workshop topic is Face, Head and Kansa Wand Massage 👐🏼

In this workshop, you will learn the basics of how to perform an Ayurvedic face and head massage. We will also introduce you to the Kansa Wand ✨

Kansa wands have been used for centuries in India and are known for improving blood and lymph circulation, reducing tension, promoting sound sleep, relieving eye strain and providing a gentle face-lifting therapy 🧖‍♀️

This workshop is very practical in nature – providing you with guidance and time to practice the massage sequence on each other.

Date: Saturday, March 18th 2023.

Time: 9am-12pm.

Cost: $95.

Includes: Workshop booklet, chai and snacks ☕️

Bookings are available through Eventbrite. The link to book is in our bio.

We look forward to seeing you at the workshop 💐

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